Why is Chillingworth even more vengeful towards Dimmesdale?

Why is Chillingworth even more vengeful towards Dimmesdale?

Why is Chillingworth now even more vengeful towards Dimmesdale? Because once he has become aware of the person he has become in his thirst for revenge, he feels that Dimmesdale has done this to him and is therefore even more deserving of punishment and that he takes no responsibility for his actions.

How is Hester portrayed as a sinner?

Hester breaks the social laws, and thus, is considered a sinner, condemned to wearing the stigmatizing ‘A’, lying in her bosom for Adultery. With this symbol of sin, Hester suffers despise and isolation.

How does Hester’s gender affect her punishment?

Hester overcomes the Puritan mindset that women were not equal to men and used this to become a stronger person in more ways than one. She changes how women are supposed to act in the 1640’s by her original sin and by letting her punishment showcase the strength that she has.

Who is Chillingworth in relation to Hester Why does she fear him?

7 Cards in this Set Who does the stranger Hester recognized in the crowd that afternoon turn out to be? Why does Hester fear Chillingworth? She is worried he is angry at her for committing adultery and that he will do something to hurt her or the baby.

Why is Hester a strong female character?

Hester is an strong female character. When Hester is forced to go to the scaffold for her sin that had been discovered, the society tries to hold her captive, but she does not let them. When this happened, her strength had start to flourish out through the novel.

How is revenge a theme in The Scarlet Letter?

Revenge is the defining theme in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. In the novel his obsession for revenge is seen as an uncontrollable desire that consumes the character. Chillingworth told his wife, Hester Prynne, that he would find the adulterer and have him punished.

Why does Hester call her daughter Pearl?

Why did Hester name her child Pearl? “she named the infant “Pearl,” as being of great price—purchased with all she had—her mother’s only treasure!” “Pearl was a born outcast of the infantile world.

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