Who was Eberhard von Hofacker?

Who was Eberhard von Hofacker?

Hofacker, Caesar von, born 02-03-1896 in Ludwigsburg , son of Eberhard Alfred Konrad Karl von Hofacker a General in World War I and Albertine, born von Üxküll-Gyllenband. After the first war Eberhard von Hofacker was deputy director of the Württemberg military academy.

What did Roland Freisler say at the Hofacker trial?

The torture confession was taken down and Hofacker was put on trial before the Volksgerichtshof under jurist Roland Freisler. During the trial, chaired by the notorious chairman of the Court of Justice, Roland Freisler, he said, “You are silent now, Herr Freisler!

What happened to caesor von Hofacker?

Death and burial ground of Hofacker, Caesor von. On 26-07-1944, Hofacker was arrested in Paris, taken to Berlin Gestapo headquarters where, he was horrifically tortured and gave up the name of Erwin Rommel stating that Rommel said to “Tell the people in Berlin they can count on me”.

What was Heinrich Hofacker’s main activity?

Hofacker’s main activity in relation to the events culminating in the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler by Claus von Stauffenberg his cousin, at the Wolf’s Lair

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