What was Gittany charged with?

What was Gittany charged with?

Mr Gittany appeared before the NSW Supreme Court in October 2013, charged with one count of murder under section 18 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) – an offence which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and a standard non-parole period (SNPP) of 20 years.

Who is Lisa Harnum?

Lisa Harnum, not available on Wikipedia, was a 30 years old woman whose fiancee killed on July 30, 2011. She was killed tragically by her then-fiancé Simon Gittany. He threw her from the fifteenth-floor balcony of their apartment in the City of Sydney.

Where is Simon Gittany now?

Picture: News Corp. THE designer suits, luxury apartments and beautiful, adoring women are just a memory now for Simon Gittany, the one-time corporate high flyer who is now just another inmate in the squalid yards of Parklea prison.

Where was Lisa Harnum from?

Lisa Harnum Wiki, Age, Biography

Real/Full Name Lisa Ce Cilia Harnumva
Birth Place Canada
Death Place Sydney Australia
Nationality Canadian/ Australian
Zodiac/Sun Sign Aries.

Is Simon Gittany guilty?

Convicted murderer Simon Gittany has lost his appeal against his conviction for the murder of his fiancée Lisa Harnum. Gittany was found guilty in November 2013 of throwing Ms Harnum off the balcony of their Sydney city apartment in July 2011.

What was Simon Gittany sentence?

26 years
Simon Gittany has been sentenced to 26 years in jail, with a non-parole period of 18 years, for the murder of his fiancée Lisa Harnum.

Is Rachelle Louise still with Simon Gittany?

Ms Louise told the court on Tuesday that she and Gittany remain friends, but are no longer romantically involved.

Where is Rachael Louise now?

Upon her return to Australia, Ms Louise got a role as an extra in one of the Underbelly series on Channel Nine, through a casting director friend. She said she is now studying law in the hopes of becoming a criminal barrister, and does paralegal work in chambers in Sydney.

How long did Simon Gittany get?

Simon Gittany sentenced to at least 18 years for fiancée’s murder.

Who was Simon Gittany lawyer?

Speaking outside court, Gittany’s solicitor, Abigail Bannister, said Gittany would appeal against the conviction.

Where is Rachelle Louise welcome now?

She said she is now studying law in the hopes of becoming a criminal barrister, and does paralegal work in chambers in Sydney. The court heard she worked on Gittany’s case by reading police statements, and has since tracked down witnesses and CCTV footage.

What happened in the McCallum V Gittany case?

The judgment for Justice McCallum was handed down after almost five hours in the NSW Supreme Court. The judge ruled the abusive and controlling Gittany threw his fiancee Lisa Harnum from the Sydney CBD apartment they shared on the morning of July 30, 2011.

What was the verdict in the Gittany case?

As the court went silent, Justice McCallum read out the verdict: Guilty. Simon Gittany has been convicted of the murder of Lisa Harnum, by throwing her off the 15th storey balcony of their Sydney apartment.

What did Justice McCallum find in apartment 1503?

Justice McCallum said she visited apartment 1503 and saw the computer, the place where Gittany hid his hard drives and the balcony where Ms Harnum was in her last moments.

Did Simon Gittany murder Lisa Harnum?

Simon Gittany, 40, had denied murdering Canadian former ballerina and aspiring model Lisa Harnum in July 2011 after a bitter row during which a security camera had shown him dragging her back into the apartment with his hand across her mouth.

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