What size is a Trek 800?

What size is a Trek 800?

The trek 800 bike is a great option for anyone looking for a durable, affordable mountain bike….Trek 800 mountain bike specs.

Name Info
Bike Sizes 13″, 15.5″, 17.5″, 19.5″, 21.5″; 13″
Hubs Alloy
Pedals Resin
Rims 36-hole alloy

Does the trek X-caliber have a dropper post?

The tech you get Plus, tubeless ready wheels with wider Boost141 hubs for increased wheel strength and better tire clearance, and a dropper post for getting low on descents.

Does the X-Caliber 8 have a dropper post?

Internal dropper compatible Internal routing ports make it easy to add a dropper post upgrade that lets you lower your saddle on the fly so it’s out of your way for tricky sections of trail.

Is Trek xcaliber a good bike?

Durable, lightweight alloy frame When you hit the trails at a competitive level, one key motivation is always to win. With its lightweight frame and build quality, the X-Cal 7 has been built to make it easy for you to win – the bike is built with performance and speed in mind.

How much does a Trek 800 weigh?

It’s made of all-new 800 Series OCLV Carbon and weighs less than 700 grams.

How many gears does a Trek 800 have?

Trek 800 is a 21 speeds bike that gives you plenty of gears to choose from, and the gears are easy to shift. Having a broad gear range allows you to navigate diverse situations more efficiently. It also lets you try different options to find the pedaling speed you prefer.

What is Oclv Trek?

OCLV Carbon is Trek’s patented carbon fiber process, the result of more than 25 years of experience building the world’s finest carbon fiber bicycles in Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA.

What does Oclv mean?

This is where Trek’s pioneered and patented OCLV Carbon—an acronym for Optimum Compaction Low Void—process comes in. OCLV Carbon frames begin with the best material available.

Is trek a carbon?

Trek pioneered carbon bikes. Trek’s patented OCLV carbon production sets the standard for carbon bikes. The OCLV MTB bikes are designed and manufactured to the rigors of mountain biking so they’re strong, durable, and extremely capable and light.

Is the Trek X caliber 7 a good first mountain bike?

It’s better to get it right the first time, or you will waste over $1000 on not up to standered mountain bike. The Trek X Caliber 7 is what many would consider an entry-level bike in terms of the price. At roughly 1k, it’s a reasonably priced machine designed to give you a lot of room to grow before you need a more advanced bike.

How many gears does a Trek X caliber 8 have?

In the X Caliber 8, Trek has upgraded the driveshaft to Shimano’s Deore line, giving you 20 gears instead of 18. In terms of maintenance and performance, the Deore is similarly low-effort and high-performing, but the added flexibility makes it a better overall system.

What are Trek XFX-caliber 29ers?

X-Caliber is Trek’s lineup of quality, yet affordable aluminum 29ers ideal for beginners and riders with some experience on the trails. They’re characterized by 120 mm of travel in the fork, light and efficient 1x drivetrains, and prices that remain between $1,000 and $1,500.

What is the best Trek bike to buy?

This is intended as an informative resource for people looking into Trek bikes, trying to decide which one suits their needs the best. 820 is the most affordable mountain bike in the Trek line. It consists of one men’s and one women’s model, both of which cost around $400.

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