What companion can pick locks Fallout 4?

What companion can pick locks Fallout 4?

Cait is an Irish pit fighter. She’s addicted to Chems, but she can pick locks up to the Master level.

Can companions unlock Master locks?

Companions: Cait can pick locks up to Expert, just Command her and point her at the door you want to get through. Hacking also has four levels of difficult: Novice, Advanced, Expert and Master. You can attempt Novice by yourself, so long as you have an Intelligence Rank of 4 or more.

Can Curie pick locks?

Cait can help players crack open those trickier locks with her lockpicking skills. Codsworth has remained loyal, but can end up disliking you for making certain choices. Curie is the only non-human companion that can be romanced.

Can deacon pick locks?

Range of interests. Lock-picking. Hacking terminals. Promising to help people.

How do you get a master lock pick in Fallout 4?

Have at least 4 perception, then select the perk that lets you pick locks, under the perception column. Put more points into the perk to unlock expert, and then master, locks. You have to get the perk that allows you to pick higher level locks.

Does Minutemen like Cait?

Cait’s Likes and Dislikes: She’s a bit contradictory at times: she likes actions that help the Brotherhood of Steel, but also illegal activities like pickpocketing and stealing. She doesn’t like the Minutemen, or the Institute – synths in general, actually, so no helping the railroad in front of her.

What is magical companion ammo in Fallout 4?

Magical companion ammo is for use in companions ‘ weapons in Fallout 4 . The “magical companion ammo” is the classification of ammo that the companion’s default weapon uses, and always is used when not having any weapon equipped. This type of “invisible” (and infinite) ammo is called “magical companion ammo”.

What happens when a follower stops using ammo?

The companion is the current active follower. If all three conditions are not met, or at least one of those cease to be true, the companion will stop consuming “real” ammo, and as the active follower, will switch to his own default companion weapon that uses “magical companion ammo”.

How much ammo do companions have in inventory?

Gives the vanilla companions infinite ammo for all weapons, just like settlers. As long as they have 1 round in inventory they can fire indefinitely- the only exceptions are weapons that settlers also consume ammo for (like the Fat Man).

Can follower companions use their own weapons?

Active follower companions will use their own weapon (the ones in the list below) and will never run out of ammo (since they use the “magical companion ammo” that, as their own gun, does not show up on their inventory when on the trade screen).

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