What race is a Minotaur?

What race is a Minotaur?

Minotaurs now appear as playable races in both Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and Mystic Odysseys of Theros. Their lore varies between settings, but minotaurs as a playable race are notably different from the Minotaurs listed in the Monster Manual. Where the Minotaur monster is a fiend, the Minotaur race is a humanoid.

How tall minotaur pathfinder?

Standing over 7 feet tall and weighing in around 700 pounds, they are massive compared to the typical human. True to the name, minotaurs are bipedal with hooves instead of feet.

What are the minotaurs strengths?

Powers & Abilities Superhuman Strength – Minotaur is very strong, able to lift a cars over their head and throw it across a small field. Superhuman Speed – Being pant bull-like creatures, Minotaur are very fast, able to run on all fours and attack with the element of surprise.

Are there female minotaurs?

Yes, there are female minotaurs. Nothing in the race description specifies that the race is male-only (the way satyrs are explicitly male-only and hamadryads are explicitly female-only), ergo there must be female minotaurs.

Are minotaurs Fey?

Your creature type is fey, rather than humanoid. Since we see nothing similar for the Minotaur playable race, we conclude Minotaur PCs are humanoids.

What kind of creature is a Minotaur 5e?

bull-headed humanoids
Description. Their fur stained with the blood of fallen foes, minotaurs are massive, bull-headed humanoids whose roar is a savage battle cry that all civilized creatures fear.

How much does a Minotaur weigh?

Minotaurs typically stand well over 6 feet tall and weigh an average of 300 pounds.

What are minotaurs weaknesses?

Although being superbly strong, the Minotaur has weaknesses. He is not very bright, and is constantly angry and hungry. He is also heavy and cannot move as fast as a normal man can.

What language do minotaurs speak?


Abilities Strength, and either Constitution or Wisdom
Speed Normal
Vision Normal
Languages Common + 1
Traits Vitality Ferocity Heedless Charge Goring Charge

Are minotaurs intelligent?

Minotaurs were not highly intelligent, but possessed instinctive cunning and were adept at ambush attacks. They were particularly skilled at hunting their prey. In general, minotaurs preferred melee combat, and utilized their horns for charge attacks.

Is a minotaur a large creature?

Minotaurs were large, muscular humanoids. They had the head of a bull and the body of a human.

What are minotaurs known for?

Minotaurs are known to most as wild, dangerous monsters who sometimes roam stone mazes for their next victims. Within their own tribes, however, minotaurs can be shamanistic warriors who revere the land and worship the sun as a patron deity who brings life and defends against the darkness that encroaches in its absence.

What are the 3 races of minotaurs?

3 This category includes alchemists, clerics, druids, inquisitors, magi, monks, and wizards. Minotaurs usually have the following racial traits. Ability Score Modifiers: Minotaurs are strong, capable, and well liked, but not as quick to react as some races.

What are The racial traits of Minotaur?

Minotaurs can select the following racial traits. Blessing of the Sun’s Comfort: A minotaur with a Wisdom score of 11 or higher can cast goodberry once per day. Its caster level is its character level. Dungeoneer: Some minotaurs prefer caves and structures over plains and nature.

How fast can a Minotaur run?

Base Speed: Minotaurs have a base speed of 30 feet. Languages: Minotaur begin play speaking Common and Giant. Minotaurs with high Intelligence scores can choose Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish, Orc, or Sylvan.

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