What is a QL lamp?

What is a QL lamp?

The QL induction lighting system provides an almost maintenance-free service life and significant energy savings over conventional HID lamps. Based on 4,000 burn hours per year, this reliable light source can function properly for 20 years.

What is an induction light fixture?

Invented in 1890 by Nikola Tesla and used commercially over the past 16 years, induction technology is basically fluorescent lamp lighting without electrodes. It uses magnetic induction to ignite the phosphors instead of electrodes.

How long do induction lights last?

With no electrodes, induction lamps lasts longer than other types of light bulbs on the market – in fact, induction lamps can last up to 100,000 hours. At 60,000 hours, most induction lamps will still produce roughly 70 percent of its original light output.

What is the advantage of induction lighting?

Induction lamps operate without electrodes, eliminating wiring connections between the lamp and its generator or driver. Most wear and tear on the system occurs at this point, so its absence significantly extends lamp life.

Are induction lamps dimmable?

Some induction lamps have dimming capabilities. Before purchasing, make sure that your order is correct. Non-dimmable induction lamps that are used with dimming fixtures can end up damaging both components.

Is Induction Lighting efficient?

For example, Induction lights will depreciate about 65% of their advertised lumens after 60,000 hours of burning time, yet LEDs won’t reach the 70% lumen depreciation mark until 100,000 hours….Light Fights: LED vs. Induction Lighting.

Induction LED
Energy Efficiency Up to 90 Lumens/Watt Up to 120 Lumens/Watt and improving

Do induction lamps need to be recycled?

Yes! Induction lighting is a great choice for the environment because of its long life span. Lamps don’t need to be changed often, so less waste and pollution is created from fixture maintenance and replacement.

Does Induction Lighting have good color rendition?

Induction lighting also has an average of 80 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI) scale. This means that induction lighting has a mid-range quality when it comes to color rendering. LEDs, on the other hand, typically have CRI ratings between 70 and 90.

Is induction lighting efficient?

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