What is the price of Platinum Label in India?

What is the price of Platinum Label in India?

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Price In India

Uttar Pradesh 750 ml ₹7400
Karnataka 750 ml ₹8880
Uttarakhand 750 ml ₹8190
Pondicherry 750 ml ₹5050

How much does a Black Label bottle cost?

Johnnie Walker Whisky Prices

Type Size Price
Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml $22.99 – $24.99
Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml $29.99 – $32.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml $41.99 – $44.99
Johnnie Walker Green Label 750ml $59.99 – $69.99

What is a Platinum Label?

In terms of profile, Platinum Label is best described as having a strong representation of the Speyside region of Scotland punctuated by the peat smoke of Islay. The release is bottled at an easily approachable 40% ABV (80 proof) and features an 18 year age statement.

What is the cost of Black Label in India?

black label whisky price in delhi

Delhi 500 ml ₹2200
Delhi 50 ml ₹225
Delhi 200 ml ₹885
Delhi 750 ml ₹2800
Delhi 1000 ml ₹3340

What is the price of Johnnie Walker 1 Litre?

Johnnie Walker – Black Label 12 Yo 1l – Buy Online Alcohol

Brand Johnnie Walker
Age 12
Price ₹2,800
Flavour Exotic fruits
Pack Size 1l

Which label is costly?

In order of least to most expensive, these are Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Double Black, Gold, Green, Platinum, and Blue. Which Johnnie Walker label is the best? In terms of quality, the best Johnnie Walker label is Blue. Johnnie Walker Blue is the most coveted of the brand’s line of blended whiskies.

Is Platinum Label better than gold?

There were many similarities in these drams, starting with the colour that is almost identical. However, Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18 yo whisky stands a bit above the Platinum Label. It is just that little bit bolder and fresher compared to the Platinum Label. If you see it somewhere, it is worth getting.

What is label Black?

Blended to perfection, Johnnie Walker Black Label sets the benchmark in deluxe blended whiskies. Taking malt and grain whiskies matured for over 12 years from all over Scotland, the iconic blend has unparalleled depth of flavours.

Why is Blue Label more expensive?

Johnnie Walker Blue label is expensive because of the rarity of the scotches that make up the blend. The quality is incredibly high. Only 1 in 10,000 casks are considered good enough by the brand to merit the Blue label.

Is Platinum Label discontinued?

Aged 18 Years: Originally introduced as Platinum Label, it was introduced to replace the original Gold Label in the Asian market, and sold alongside Gold Label Reserve. Though still available around the globe, the Platinum Label name was discontinued in mid-2017 and replaced by Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years.

How much does Johnnie Walker Black Label cost in India?

Black Label Price in Bangalore 2020 Name Price in INR/Bottle Johnnie Walker & Sons King George V Blen 57370.01 Johnnie Walker & Sons King George V Blen 26310.00 Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotc 1480.00 Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotc 400.00

How much alcohol is in Johnnie Walker Black Label?

Different Johnnie Walker colors prices are as follows. Calories in Johnnie Walker black label has about 105 and contains about 15 grams of alcohol. A Johnnie Walker label has about 43% alcohol content in it. The Johnnie Walker black nutrition facts do not claim to have any added sugar or fats or any other beneficial or non-beneficial ingredients.

How much is Johnnie Walker Blue Label at Costco?

Johnnie Walker Gold Label price for 750ml is around $213 at Costco. What is Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1.75 liter price Costco? Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1.75 liter price is around $450. The Johnnie Walker label prices vary depending on the quantity, Johnnie Walker colors that decide the Johnnie Walker labels.


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