Is Memorizable a word?

Is Memorizable a word?

Memorizable definition That may be memorized.

Which is correct memorize or Memorise?

1 Answer. Depends if you are using American English or British. Memorize is American, memorise is British. Like colour vs color, neighbor vs neighbour.

What is this word miserable?

Definition of miserable 1 : being in a pitiable state of distress or unhappiness (as from want or shame) miserable refugees. 2a : wretchedly inadequate or meager (see meager sense 2) a miserable hovel. b : causing extreme discomfort or unhappiness a miserable situation miserable weather his miserable childhood.

What is the meaning of the word foaming?

Definition of foaming : having or producing a light, frothy mass of bubbles : producing foam foaming agents a foaming kitchen tile cleanser a foaming river If it pleases you to soak your skin in milk baths, seaweed wraps, and foaming facials, you’re not harming anything, least of all your epidermis.—

What kind of word is test?

As a verb, test means to assess someone’s knowledge or abilities, to put someone or something through a trial, or to try something out. The word test has several other senses as a noun and a verb.

What are synonyms for the word memorable?

synonyms for memorable

  • catchy.
  • decisive.
  • enduring.
  • eventful.
  • extraordinary.
  • famous.
  • great.
  • historic.

What is the adverb of Memorise?

In a memorable manner.

How do you Memorise?

Simple memory tips and tricks

  1. Try to understand the information first. Information that is organized and makes sense to you is easier to memorize.
  2. Link it.
  3. Sleep on it.
  4. Self-test.
  5. Use distributed practice.
  6. Write it out.
  7. Create meaningful groups.
  8. Use mnemonics.

Does miserable mean bad?

The definition of miserable is someone or something that is unhappy, suffering or in a condition of misery, or something that is bad or inferior.

What is foam example?

Examples of Foam Examples of foams formed by gases in liquids include whipped cream, fire retardant foam, and soap bubbles. Rising bread dough may be considered a semisolid foam. Solid foams include dry wood, polystyrene foam, memory foam, and mat foam (as for camping and yoga mats).

How is foam made?

Foams are made by forming gas bubbles in a plastic mixture, with the use of a blowing agent. Foam manufacture is either a continuous process for making laminate or slabstock or a batch process for making various shapes by cutting or molding. There are two basic types of foam.

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