What is the price of iPad mini 4 in Pakistan?

What is the price of iPad mini 4 in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Ipad Mini 4 in Pakistan is Rs. 395 and estimated average price is Rs. 31,566….Price List.

Model Price
Ipad Mini 4 Back Hydrogel Jelly Clear Rs. 395
Twelve South SurfacePad for iPad – iPad mini 4 – Camel Rs. 16,399

What is the price of iPad MINI in Pakistan?

Rs. 69,999
LATEST PRICE OF iPad MINI 5 IS 69,999 RUPEES (PAKISTANI) At DARAZ.PK….Apple iPad mini 5 Price In Pakistan.

TOP SELLERS PICK iPad MINI 5 Price In Pakistan
Ipad 5 Mini 64Gb 3Gb Ram Rs. 69,999
Ipad 5 Mini 256Gb 3Gb Rs. 104,900

What is the price of iPad MINI 6 in Pakistan?

Specifications for Apple iPad mini 6 64GB WIFI 2021

General Specs
Product page
Price 99,499 Price in Pakistani Rupees

What is the price of iPad MINI 2021 in Pakistan?

Apple iPad Mini 2021 price in Pakistan is Rs. 70,500 for 4GB-64GB Variant.

How much is a iPad MINI six?

Prices and Deals Retail iPad mini 6 prices start at $499 for 64GB of storage, with 256GB models starting at $649. Adding 5G capabilities to the iPad mini 6 increases the cost by another $150 no matter the model chosen. Official Apple accessories include a color-matched Smart Folio for $59 or the Apple Pencil for $129.

What is the price of iPad MINI 3 in Pakistan?

The Apple Ipad Mini 3 Price In Pakistan Is Rs. 30,000 while in USD it is $ 476.

Does PUBG work on iPad MINI 3?

PUBG MOBILE now supports iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2.

Where to buy Apple iPad Mini 4 in Pakistan?

The prices of Apple iPad Mini 4 is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as qmart.pk, daraz.pk, mega.pk, and vmart.pk . The collected prices were updated on Nov. 6, 2021, 2:09 p.m.

Is Apple iPhone 7 available in Pakistan?

Apple iPhone 7 is now available in the market since iphone 7 launch the local market has seen a huge demand for the new handset. Updated Apple iPhone 7 prices in Pakistan and prices of earlier versions of iPhones are mentioned above. Just click the handset to see the Apple cell phones specs and prices.

Why Apple mobile phones are so expensive in Pakistan?

Now having an official presence in Pakistan, Apple Mobile phones are considered as premium luxury items because of skyrocketing prices. Apple iPhones cost too much in official warranty so people like to buy unofficial devices through the grey channel in Pakistan.

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