What is PDN connectivity request?

What is PDN connectivity request?

The PDN connectivity procedure is used by the UE to request the setup of a default EPS bearer to a PDN. · The UE requests connectivity to a PDN by sending a PDN CONNECTIVITY REQUEST message to the network.

What is PDN type in LTE?

The attach procedure for LTE is combined with (default) PDN (IP) connectivity. This can be called default PDN (IP) connectivity as default (or basic or initial) PDP context activation. This default connectivity is always of non-guaranteed bit rate type and is called “default bearer”.

What is ESM information request?

The ESM information request procedure is used by the network to retrieve ESM information, i.e. protocol configuration options, APN, or both from the UE during the attach procedure if the UE has indicated (in the PDN CONNECTIVITY REQUEST) that it has ESM information that needs to be sent security protected.

What is Emergency Attach in LTE?

The attach type IE is used for signaling either a “combined” or “emergency” attach. A UE that is “combined” attached might send a PDN connectivity request for emergency bearer services. After setup of such a bearer, if CSFB is requested, CSFB procedure will proceed with no interaction.

What is the difference between APN and PDN?

In a mobile network, the access point name (APN) is the virtual private network (VPN) that connects the user equipment through the Packet Data Network Gateway (P-GW) to the Packet Data Network (PDN). User equipment can access many APNs, which are domain names and associated parameters, and one is the default APN.

What is PDN in telecom?

A public data network (PDN) is a network established and operated by a telecommunications administration, or a recognized private operating agency, for the specific purpose of providing data transmission services for the public.

What is PDN in mobile computing?

PDN is a generic description for a network that provides data services. Packet switching is a mode of data transmission in which a message is broken into a number of parts that are sent independently, over whatever route is optimum for each packet, and reassembled at the destination.

What is ESM message in LTE?

The ESM ( EPS Session Management) and EMM (EPS Mobility Management) entity is a control plane function which supports all aspects of signalling for PDN (Packet Data Network) session management, such as EPS Bearer Activation and Modification.

What are the details are sent to eNodeB during initial attach request?

The eNodeB sends the RRC Connection Reconfiguration message including the EPS Radio Bearer Identity to the UE, and the Attach Accept message will be sent along to the UE.

What is attach and combined attach difference?

The idea of Combined Attach is to perform the attach process for LTE and Legacy Network simultaneously. This attach method is specified in Attach Request and Attach Accept as follows. UE send its attach type information in at EPS attach type value IE of Attach Request. This IE has two options as follows.

What is APN in 3gpp?

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