What is Ismail known for?

What is Ismail known for?

Ismāʿīl I, also spelled Esmāʿīl I, (born July 17, 1487, Ardabīl?, Azerbaijan—died May 23, 1524, Ardabīl, Safavid Iran), shah of Iran (1501–24) and religious leader who founded the Safavid dynasty (the first Persian dynasty to rule Iran in 800 years) and converted Iran from the Sunni to the Twelver Shiʿi sect of Islam.

Is Ismail Turkish?

Ismail grew up bilingual, speaking Persian and Azerbaijani. His ancestry was mixed, from various ethnic groups such as Georgians, Greeks, Kurds and Turkomans; the majority of scholars agree that his empire was an Iranian one.

Who is the current President of UN?

Abdulla Shahid
Abdulla Shahid is the current president since 14 September 2021….

President of the United Nations General Assembly
Website un.org/en/ga/

Who is the head of UN General Assembly?

Abdulla ShahidUnited Nations General Assembly / President

What happened to Ishmael in the Bible?

Ishmael was the first son of Abraham through the Egyptian Hagar (Genesis 16:3), the common patriarch of the Abrahamic religions, and is venerated by Muslims as a prophet. According to the Genesis account, he died at the age of 137 (Genesis 25:17).

What is Prophet Ismail story?

Prophet Ishmael or Prophet Ismail is the figure known in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as Abraham’s (Ibrahim) son, born to Hagar (Hajar). In Islam, Ishmael is regarded as a prophet (nabi) and an ancestor to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

What was Ismail religion?

Ismail (Arabic: إسماعيل, romanized: ʾismāʿīl) is regarded as a prophet and messenger and the founder of Ishmaelites in Islam. He is the son of Ibrahim (Abraham), born to Hajar (Hagar). Ismail is also associated with Mecca and the construction of the Kaaba….Ishmael in Islam.

Prophet Isma’il إسماعيل Ishmael
Relatives Is’haq (brother)

Who is president of all countries?

Member and observer states of the United Nations

State Head of state Head of government
India President – Ram Nath Kovind Prime Minister – Narendra Modi
Indonesia President – Joko Widodo
Iran Supreme Leader – Ali Khamenei President – Ebrahim Raisi
Iraq President – Barham Salih Prime Minister – Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Who is first president of UNO?

Paul-Henri Spaak
Paul-Henri Spaak, Foreign Minister of Belgium, was elected first President of the General Assembly of the United Nations on January 16, 1946 and held this office for one session.

Who is the first president of UNO?

Who is the vice of United Nations?

Amina J. Mohammed is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group. Prior to her appointment, Ms.

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