How much is the ferry from Whidbey Island?

How much is the ferry from Whidbey Island?

Fare Information for Thursday April 07, 2022

Fare Description Cost
Adult (age 19 – 64) $5.65
Senior (age 65 & over) / Disability $2.80
Youth (age 6 – 18) $2.80
Multi-Ride Commuter Card 10 Ride $46.20

Can you reserve ferry to Whidbey Island?

Luckily, you can make a reservation for this route which is a must if you plan on sailing, especially in the summer.

Are there free transfers on NYC Ferry?

All transfers within the NYC Ferry system are free and valid for 90 minutes once you start your one-way trip. Round-trip journeys do not qualify for free transfers.

Can you use HOP card on ferry?

Travel all day on trains, buses and inner harbour ferries by tagging on and off with your AT HOP card. Never pay more than $20. Find out how to buy an AT HOP card.

Where do you catch the ferry to Whidbey Island?

The ferry that serves the south end of Whidbey Island from the mainland is at 614 Front Street in the city of Mukilteo, just south of Everett and north of Seattle. There’s good signage on the road between exit 189 on Interstate 5 and the ferry dock, so it isn’t easy to get lost on your way there.

How long does the Whidbey Island ferry take?

20 minuets
This ferry runs between Whidbey Island and Mukilteo (South of Everett). The wait for cars is long, but walk on passengers go faster. The crossing is listed as 20 minuets but most of the time takes 15 minuets. Very fun and pretty ride!

How long is the Whidbey Island ferry ride?

From the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas Take a 30 minute ferry ride from Port Townsend to Coupeville Terminal, which is just 4 miles south of Coupeville.

How often does the ferry run to Whidbey Island?

every half-hour
Ferry Routes The ferry between Clinton on Whidbey Island and Mukilteo on the mainland runs from 5:30 a.m. until after midnight. For most of the day, two boats sail the route, providing service every half-hour.

Can my hop card go negative?

Negative card balances If your HOP money balance falls below zero into a negative balance, your card, including any monthly or day pass loaded on the card will not work. You will need to clear the negative balance by topping up your card.

What happens if I forget to tag off?

If you forget to tag on or tag off you will be charged the default fare, which will be automatically deducted the next time you tag on. If this default fare puts your HOP money balance below $0, you will be unable to tag on until you load additional HOP money onto your AT HOP card.

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