What is addlux?

What is addlux?

Lightweight, cost-effective LED edgelighting Addlux supplies a wide customer base with continuously evolving high-quality LED Light Sheet, LED backlighting and LED edgelighting components, and finished LED backlit products at affordable prices.

Are Adlux classic Windows any good?

The simple, attractive profile of this conventional Roof Window truly makes it a classic and the right choice for practicality and value. Designed and built for New Zealand weather conditions and compatible with all roof systems, the Classic has been the part of the Adlux family for almost 20 years.

Will you be in touch with addlux?

We will be in touch as soon as we have the next order to place. Through our constant innovation and technical advances, Addlux is now a leader in LED lighting technology and a first-choice supplier of LED lighting and display equipment to the trade.

What is the Adlux Mega roof window?

The Adlux Mega Roof Window is perfect for all those roof glazing occasions where a smaller window just won’t produce the wow factor you’re looking for. Designed and constructed in the same tried and tested manner as our Classic roof windows, it’s suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

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