What is a Skwish toy?

What is a Skwish toy?

This teether toy Skwishes and returns to its original shape, with beads that slide and rattle. Great for fostering motor skill development and cause and effect learning. Skwish is the perfect gift for newborns and teething infants.

What makes Skwish classic so special?

This classic wooden toy has won the hearts of babies and parents everywhere, as well as numerous prestigious awards for its ingeniously simple design, including the 2016 Cribsie Award finalist, “Biggest Fun for Small Hands.” Skwish Classic is made with replenishable rubberwood and features a water based, non-toxic paint finish.

Are Skwish rattles good for babies?

Babies (and adults) will love ‘skwishing’ it down and watching this wooden baby toy return to its original shape – Skwish is a perfect clutching toy for developing gross motor skills. With wooden dowels securely fastened with elastic bands, Skwish rattles have long held up to even the most rigorous baby rattling.

What are Skwish rattles made of?

This heirloom quality wooden rattle and baby toy is constructed from dense rubberwood, which is splinter and chip resistant. All Skwish rattles feature a water-based, non-toxic finish. The wooden beads produce a muted, pleasant sound when rattled – loud enough for babies to explore auditory cause and effect, but never annoying for caregivers.

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