What engine does Toyota Agya have?

What engine does Toyota Agya have?

998 cc
If we talk about Toyota Agya engine specs then the Petrol engine displacement is 1197 cc….Key Specs of Toyota Agya.

Transmission Type Petrol Manual
Engine Displacement Petrol 998 cc
Power Petrol 87 hp
Seating Capacity Petrol 5 Seats

Is Toyota Agya a good car?

The Toyota Agya, at first appearance, seems to be a decent offering from Toyota. Its engine performance and overall driving experience eclipse those than those of its competitors, possibly with the exception of the Suzuki Swift. It’s fun to drive and feels quite stable at freeway speeds.

Where is Toyota Agya made?

Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla (B100)
Manufacturer Daihatsu
Also called Toyota Agya Toyota Wigo
Production October 2012 – present
Assembly Indonesia: Karawang, West Java (ADM)

Who designed Toyota Agya?

Mark Widjaja Bouk

Toyota Agya
Designer Mark Widjaja
Bouk an chassis
Cless Ceety caur
Body style 5-door hatchback

Is Toyota Agya fuel efficient?

The manual version of the Agya sips an average of just 4.8 l/100 km and emits a corresponding 112g CO2/km; while completing the 0-100km/h sprint in 14.6 seconds and runs to a top speed of 165km/h.

How many Litres is Toyota Agya?

The Agya’s top speed is 165km/h and it’s fitted with a 33-litre fuel tank that should provide around 680km of range based on the claimed fuel consumption figures of 4.8-litres per 100km (manual) and 4.9-litres for the auto.

Is Toyota Agya small?

The 998cc engine is tiny but has enough oomph when revved (peak power is reached at 6000 r/min). The little three-cylinder produces 49kW and 89Nm and performed well on the drive from Camps Bay to Noordhoek. Toyota claims a 0-100km/h time of 14.9 seconds for the manual and 16.3 seconds for the automatic.

Is Toyota Agya automatic?

Introducing the all-new Toyota Agya. This compact urban runabout has a 1.0-litre engine that’s economical, ready to go, and available in both an automatic and manual transmission. With the Agya’s brave new approach to design and its wide range of features, you can enjoy a big lifestyle without compromise.

What does AGYA mean?

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Is Wigo a Daihatsu?

The Wigo is not a Toyota. Instead, it has the DNA of fellow Japanese automaker Daihatsu. Toyota became a significant shareholder in Daihatsu in 1967 and increased its stake in the company from 16.8-percent to 33.4-percent in 1995.

How much is a Toyota Agya in South Africa?

Price List – TOYOTA AGYA Series

Model Price Consumption litres/100 km
TOYOTA AGYA 1.0 AUDIO 5-DR R196,400.00 4.8
TOYOTA AGYA 1.0 AUDIO 5-DR AT R211,400.00 4.9
TOYOTA AGYA 1.0 5-DR R192,300.00 4.8
TOYOTA AGYA 1.0 5-DR AT R207,300.00 4.9

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