What is finisher damage in Warframe?

What is finisher damage in Warframe?

Edit. Finisher attacks are special melee attacks that have a custom animation and deal a very high amount of damage. For the available types of finishers see below. While in Stealth, the weapon’s level will affect finisher’s damage.

What weapon has the highest finisher damage in Warframe?

Rapiers have the highest damage multipliers on Finisher attacks, along with Forced Slash procs, making them great with Marked For Death.

Do stealth attacks count as finishers Warframe?

As you can see in the above picture, once you are behind an enemy who is not aware of you, you will be prompted to hit the melee button to perform a stealth attack. This is a finisher, and will rapidly dispatch your enemy.

What are finisher kills?

Finishers are special moves in Destiny 2 which allow your character to execute enemies when they are on low health, killing the enemy instantly. This includes pressing a specific key or button which is bound to the action that you must press when enemies are in low health and a round marker appears above them.

Is the Karyst prime good?

This master blade is the heavier, oversized and far more lethal version of the signature weapon of an extinct order of Tenno assassins. Karyst, with an even lower attack speed, but very high damage, good critical strikes, and good status chance.

How do you do a finisher in Warframe?

As you can see in the image above, once you are behind an enemy that does not know you, you will be prompted to press the melee button to perform a stealth attack. This is a finisher, and will quickly send your enemy out.

How do you use a finisher?

To use it, you just need to wear an enemy down until they have roughly 20% of their health left, then look for a large floating orb above their head. Run up to them into melee range then hit the right analog stick (Q on PC) to initiate the finisher. That’s it!

How do I mark a finisher as a favorite?


  1. In your inventory press R3(if using controller) or the Shift Key(if using mouse and keyboard) to mark a finisher as a “favorite”
  2. When triggered, a random finisher you’ve marked as a “favorite” plays.

What is the best stealth Warframe?

Harrow Prime.

  • Nidus Prime.
  • Yareli.
  • Who is Magnus prime?

    Magnus Prime is the leader of the Autobot team, Gamma. Magnus used to be a space bridge repair man, called to duty by Optimus Major. Optimus found it fitting for him to be a leader. With help from EDC Sergeant Spike Witwicky, Magnus continues to lead his semi-misfit team of Autobots.

    What is the best dagger in Warframe?

    Here are best 10 Daggers in Warframe:

    • 1) Rakta Dark Dagger. A personal favorite of mine, the Rakta Dark Dagger is the Rakta Variant of the Dark Dagger which can be purchased from Red Veil for standing.
    • 2) Karyst.
    • 3) Dark Dagger.
    • 4) Heat Dagger.
    • 5) Okina.
    • 6) Fang Prime.
    • 7) Ether Daggers.
    • 8) Ceramic Dagger.

    What are the default damage types in Warframe?

    Most weapons in Warframe use Impact, Puncture, and Slash as their default damage types, although some weapon types (Lich and Tenet weapons, the Phage, etc.) might have an elemental damage type that coincides or even replaces Impact, Puncture, and Slash.

    Which melee finishers apply finisher damage?

    Slash Status DoT and certain Melee Finishers can apply Finisher Damage, as well as Energy Vampire and Bladestorm. Finisher Attacks are Ground Finishers, Stealth Finishers, and Combat (Counterattack) Finishers.

    How does weapon level affect finisher damage?

    While in Stealth, the weapon’s level will affect finisher’s damage. See #Stealth Attack. All weapon types have individual finisher animations. Heavier weapons tend to perform this action slower than lighter weapons. Players performing finishers are invulnerable for the duration of the animation.

    How does finisher damage work?

    Finisher damage is a unique damage type which bypasses all armour, reductions and resistances. If a quantity of finisher damage is dealt, nothing can reduce it. Very few things deal finisher damage, famously the bleeding out effects after Slash procs and Hydroid’s tentacles.

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