What does nzambe mean?

What does nzambe mean?

Nzambe/Zambe – means God. Though there are different spelling variations depending with the region hence you may find the word ‘Nzambi/Zambi’ being used to mean God.

How do you say God in Lingala?

god in Lingala

  1. Nzámbe. Wiktionnaire.
  2. Yawé Wiktionnaire.
  3. nzámbe. noun. en deity. en.wiktionary.org.

How do you say God is great in Lingala?

God is very good. I thank God for you. Nzambe apambola bino mingi. Kimia ezala na bino.

What does Likolo mean in Lingala?

likoló, pl. makolo (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,…)) sky. above, on top of.

What is I love you in Lingala?

en I love you. ln Nalingi yo. I/l/ve/you/

What does Mobimba mean in English?

complete, whole, entire
complete, whole, entire.

Did you sleep well in Lingala?

A collection of useful phrases in Lingala, a Bantu lanuage spoken mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in the Republic of Congo….Useful phrases in Lingala.

Phrase Lingala
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting) Mbote
Good evening (Evening greeting) Mbote
Good night Butu elamu Lala elamu (Sleep well)

How do you say thank you very much in Lingala?

How to say Thank you very much in Lingala

  1. ndako.
  2. ndako.
  3. ndako na ngai.

What does mbote mean?


Mbote! Hello!
Mbote!/ Sango nini! Hello! (sg/pl)
Mbote! Good evening! (sg/pl)
Butu elamu! Good night! (sg/pl)
Tikala malamu! Bye! (infml)

What does Mama Na Ngai mean?

my mother. Last Update: 2017-10-09.

What does the Bible say about Nzambe?

Mpe bóbondelaka Nzambe mpo ete asalisa bino na kokólisa motindo oyo etombwami ya bolingo, oyo ezali moko na mbuma ya elimo santu ya Nzambe. —Masese 3:5, 6; Yoane 17:3; Bagalatia 5:22; Baebele 10:24, 25. And pray for God’s help to develop this elevated kind of love, which is a fruit of God’s holy spirit.

What is Nzambi the god of?

Nzambi, ‘the marvel of marvels’, is kind, a deity who ‘looks after the case of the poor man’. Indeed, the sky god appears to show kindness even to the most destitute members of society. Incapable of evil or wrongdoing, he ‘is just and merciful’, the ruler and sustainer of the universe, a fount of goodness.

Is Nzambi just and merciful?

Incapable of evil or wrongdoing, he ‘is just and merciful’, the ruler and sustainer of the universe, a fount of goodness. Individual differences, however, the Bacongo attribute to Nzambi.

Is Nzambi self-existent?

Identified with the sun, Nzambi is self-existent, almighty, and ‘knows all’. The Bacongo say: ‘He is made by no other, no one beyond him is.’

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