What does Lancome Tresor smell like?

What does Lancome Tresor smell like?

The elegance of rose, mugent, and lilac and the sparkle of peach and apricot blossom are just a few notes that define this luminous fragrance. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner. Notes: Apricot Blossom, Rose, Lilac, Iris, Peach, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla.

What perfumes are similar to Tresor?

Similar Perfumes to Tresor Lancome based on Scent notes Araia O.P.S.O.

Which is the best perfume body lotion?

5 Best Smelling Body Lotions That Will Make You Ditch Perfumes

  • St. Ives Naturally Softening Coconut & Orchid Body Lotion.
  • Love Beauty – Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Body Lotion.
  • Vaseline Lavender Moisturising Gel.
  • Love Beauty & Planet Natural Coconut Water Hydrating Body Lotion.
  • St.

Who makes the perfume Tresor?

Lancôme Trésor Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz & Reviews – Lancôme – Beauty – Macy’s.

What did exclamation smell like?

Launched by the design house of Coty in 1988, EXCLAMATION by Coty is classified as a flowery fragrance. This feminine scent posesses a blend of: peach, apricot, amber and sandalwood. It is recommended for casual wear.

How long does perfumed lotion last?

Bottom line: unless the product has an expiration date on the label, these products generally should be shelf-stable for 3 years. But proceed with caution and look (and sniff) for any signs of breakdown before you use them. Here is a link where you can read more about expiration dates.

How do you use perfumed body lotion?

How to Use a Body Lotion?

  1. Step 1: Pick the right body lotion for your skin type.
  2. Step 2: Use the body lotion right after a shower, as your skin is most thirsty then.
  3. Step 3: Apply a coin-sized dollop of lotion on your palm, and start applying from the bottom up.

Who created Tresor?

Tresor owner and founder Dimitri Hegemann recently announced plans to open a new basement club, called Tresor. West, in Dortmund. The Berlin Club Commission recently marked 30 years since the Berlin Wall’s fall by inviting a number of club collectives from across Europe to take over venues around Berlin.

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