What does ESAY mean?

What does ESAY mean?

1. An abreivated word meaning ‘to argue loudly and angrily, even when everyone else is against you’. EXAMPLE: Jack was a total esay. Not to be confused with “easy” or “Michael J. Fox,” “esay” represents the corporeal embodiment of awesomeness on Earth.

How do you say lowercase letters in Spanish?

▾ Dictionary English-Spanishuppercase n — mayúscula f.lowercase letters pl— letras minúsculas pl f.lowercase n — minúsculas pl f.uppercase letters pl — letras mayúsculas pl f.

What are days of week in Spanish?

The days of the week in SpanishEnglishSpanishMondaylunesTuesdaymartesWednesdaymiércolesThursdayjueves3 •

What month is Mayo in Spanish?

Spanish Months of the Year | SpanishDictwww.spanishdict.com › guide › months-in-spanishwww.spanishdict.com › guide › months-in-spanish

What are the numbers 1 to 100 in Spanish?

1 – 100 Spanish Numbers1 uno11 once41 cuarenta y uno9 nueve19 diecinueve49 cuarenta y nueve59 cincuenta y nueve69 sesenta y nueve99 noventa y nueve10 diez20 veinte50 cincuenta60 sesenta70 setenta100 cien15

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