What attitude motivates the adults to lie to Ender?

What attitude motivates the adults to lie to Ender?

Ender thinks it is just a computer game, but he is really controlling the human fleet through their battle with the bugs. I would say that their main motivation for lying is to protect Ender.

How does Ender redeem himself?

How does Ender influence all of mankind and redeem himself? While Ender was under the control of someone else, he was tricked into killing the buggers. Now that he is free, Ender uses the freedom to fix what he has done.

Who married ender?

Novinha Ribeira

WHO welcomes ender to fairyland?


How did the buggers communicate with Ender?

In the book “Enders Game” how do the buggers communicate, and how can their mode of communication be used to help us communicate better as humans? They communicate through fictional particles called philotes. These allow faster than light communication, and as such will never happen in this world.

Why is Ender frustrated by the giant’s guessing game?

Wy is Ender frustrated by the Giant’s guessing game? He always picks the wrong choice, especially since he’s so used to winning games.

What does Ender learn about the buggers from Graff?

On the voyage to Eros, where I.F. command is, Graff tells Ender all he knows about the buggers. Ender learns that they communicate instantaneously, and that from them humans learned how to do the same. They have the ansible, a device that allows ships to talk to each other from across the galaxy.

How does Graff conclude Ender is the one?

How does Graff conclude Ender is the one? Graff is pleased with Ender’s post-monitor behavior. Ender’s protecting himself from possible retaliation of Stilson’s gang, no matter how violent, wins over the soldiers and convinces them Ender belongs in the academy.

Does Ender return to Earth?

Ender cannot return to Earth in the earlier parts of the novel because he is still training for his mission to defeat the Buggers.

What do the buggers build for Ender to find?

He follows them to the tower and climbs up to the room with the mirror. Ender realizes that the buggers must have built all of this for him in order to leave him some sort of message. Behind the mirror Ender finds the pupa of a bugger queen, and the queen communicates with him.

Did Ender find a home for the Queen?

Before their demise, the Hive Queens hacked the Mind Game in Battle School in an attempt to communicate with Ender Wiggin. Although they failed to talk to him, the interaction led Ender to discover a Hive Queen cocoon on a planet they had colonized, named Shakespeare by the humans.

How does Ender manipulate Bonzo?

Ender asks Bonzo not to hurt him in order to provoke an attack, and Bonzo jumps at him. Ender avoids the attack and hits Bonzo in the face with the top of his head.

Why does it seem Ender is giving up?

Why does it seem Ender is giving up? Ender knows he will never defeat Peter. Peter has the ability to destroy Ender even if Ender does destroy the buggers. Ender wants Peter to love him, and he knows Peter never will.

Why are adults the real enemies in Ender’s Game?

The adults are the enemy because they are the puppet masters that are tricking, controlling, and manipulating a bunch of children. To men like Graff, Anderson, and even Mazer Rackham, the children are basically tools.

Why has Ender been on Earth for two months instead of the originally planned two days?

Why has Ender been on earth for two months instead of the originally planned three days? Because he doesn’t want to go back.

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