What does Bonzo hate most about Ender?

What does Bonzo hate most about Ender?

Bonzo hates that Ender matters more than him. After the fight in the shower, Ender realizes Peter was right about one thing. After the fight with Bonzo, Ender realizes Peter was right about “The power to cause pain only matters because if you can’t kill you are a subject to those who can.”

Who did Ender kill?


How did Ender provoke Bonzo?

Ender provoked Bonzo by insulting his honor. He said how Bonzo’s father would be proud of him for trying to kill somebody smaller than him, and things like that. Bonzo responded by trying to kill him at the showers.

Why did Graff give ender all new soldiers?

Why did Graff give Ender all new soldiers he had not worked with before? He said that a good commander could only work with people he had trained up from their beginnings. He insisted that Ender had had a following of loyalists and did not want him to have unfair competition.

What is Peter’s plan to change the world?

Peter plans to change the world by writing anonymously on ‘the nets’ in an attempt to change world politics. Peter wants to rule the world by producing a unified world peace for him to rule.

How does Ender win the final battle?

Ender wins the battle by destroying the planet that the enemy lived on, and the room explodes in cheers. Rackham tells him that he has actually been the fleet commander of the Third Invasion and that he just destroyed the buggers completely.

Why does Alai kiss ender?

Alai, Ender’s first friend at Battle School, sends him in to his first battle with a kiss, which Ender guessed was “somehow forbidden.” The kiss was accompanied by the word “Salaam,” which is Arabic for peace and which is commonly used with brief kisses between men sharing the greeting, so the kiss may have meant …

Which army is the first to beat Ender?

Rabbit Army

How is ender like Valentine?

Valentine is Ender’s older sister, and she does what she can to protect him from Peter, their sadistic older brother. Valentine has much of Ender’s compassion, but she does not have Peter’s ruthlessness. She never ceases believing that Ender is the best of them, and she loves him unconditionally.

Why does Graff ask valentine to write a letter to Ender?

Graff comes to talk to Valentine because he believes Ender needs help. He asks her what makes Ender different from Peter and also if Peter is really that bad a person. Graff wants her to help Ender and convinces her to write him a letter. Ender is happy that Valentine will always be with him.

How does Ender defeat Bonzo’s army?

Ender defeats Bonzo’s army by using some of his soldiers as shields, and they used the soldiers behind the “shields” shoot at the others.

Who comes to save ender?


Who is the smartest member of Dragon Army?


How does Bonzo react to Ender’s actions during the battle?

After a few more battles where Ender does nothing, at the end of a fight against Leopard Army he freezes enough of their remaining soldiers to force a draw. Bonzo is further enraged, trades Ender to Rat Army, and slaps and punches Ender for his disobedience.

Why does Ender cry after the fight with Bonzo?

He has injured Bonzo and knows he might be able to walk away, but he does not want to have to fight the battle again. Ender realizes he must make Bonzo fear him enough never to fight him again. Ender feels terrible about how he hurt Bonzo, and begins to cry.

Why does Ender agree to go with Valentine and to be the governor of the first colony?

Why does Ender agree to go with Valentine and be the governor of the first colony? Ender wants to go to the place where the buggers lives so he can understand them better. While Ender was under the control of someone else, he was tricked into killing the buggers.

How does Ender defeat the snake?

He’s past the Giant and in the castle. When he looks in the mirror he sees Peter. He screams and smashes the mirror with the snake.

Why do Peter and Valentine need false identities?

Why do Peter and Valentine need false identities on the nets? Because Peter threatened to tell the world that Valentine was Demosthenes. Because Demosthenes is her secret identity and her father knows who she is now.

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