What area code is 01542 in UK?

What area code is 01542 in UK?

The location for 01542 is Keith, UK. The 01542 area code will allow you to make calls to Keith from wherever in the world you are.

Who called 01943882482?

The company calling from this number is Handicare. They are on the AgeUK website as one of their recommendations for stairlift quotes. The number for Handicare Stairlifts is 01943 882 000.

Where is this area code UK?

Use our tool to find landline dialling codes for geographic areas in the UK, and vice versa. The areas are generally cities and large towns, rather than local government areas….{{Number of results}} Results are shown.

Code Area
0114 Sheffield
0115 Nottingham
0116 Leicester
0117 Bristol

What dialling code is 0203?

Recognised — An 0203 number (or any 020 number for that matter) is recognised by London residents, if not across the entire nation. The 020 prefix is granted to regular residents as well as businesses, making it one of the most memorable UK prefixes on the market.

Who called 01524 area code?

01524 is the area code for Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. The code also covers areas such as Arnside, Carnforth, Heysham, Morecambe, and Silverdale.

What telephone code is 01543?

Where is the 01543 Area Code? The Cannock 01543 dialling code intersects the counties of West Midlands and Staffordshire in the West Midlands Region of the UK.

What is the dialing code from America to UK?

Follow these steps to call the UK from the US: Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re making an international call. Dial 44, the UK country code.

What is the dialing code for USA?

+1United States / Dialing code

What is an 020 number UK?

List of United Kingdom codes. 020 is the national dialling code for London in the United Kingdom. All subscriber numbers within the area code consist of eight digits and it has capacity for approaching 100 million telephone numbers.

Are 0203 numbers free from BT landline?

Calling an 02 number from a BT landline will cost you 12p per minute plus a setup fee of 21p. Your call might, however, be free depending on which call plan you have. BT offers a range of telephone call plans.

What’s a 0151 number?

0151 is the area code for Liverpool, Merseyside, UK. The code also covers areas such as Birkenhead, Bootle, Bromborough, Crosby, Ellesmere Port, New Brighton, West Kirby, and Widnes.

What area code is 01512 in the UK?

Liverpool Telephone Numbers 01512 is not an area code in its own right. The area code is in fact 0151, and the following 2 is part of the local number. The 0151 area code covers Liverpool and the surrounding area. Please note that an 0151 number does not necessarily come from this location, although the majority do.

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