How do I open an account with Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union?

How do I open an account with Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union?

You can open accounts online with joint members….You will need one of the following ID Types to open an account online:

  1. State Driver’s License.
  2. State Non-Driver’s ID.
  3. Passport.
  4. Military ID.
  5. Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
  6. Employee Authorization Card (I-766)

How can I join a credit union?

Who can join a credit union? To become a member of a credit union, you need to have a common bond with the other members. For example, you might live in the same area, work for the same employer, or belong to the same church or trade union.

What is a Readi-cash line of credit?

Readi-Cash Line of Credit is a variable APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on the value of an index plus a margin and is subject to increase. The current margin is 5.50% and is subject to change. 1.505.292.6343.

Is Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union open?

Home – Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. We are temporarily reducing our Contact Center hours to 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday due to staffing vacancies. Our Personal Tellers continue to remain open 8am-8pm Monday – Saturday, but will operate from 9am-6pm on Sundays.

Does Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union have Zelle?

Download the Valley Federal Credit Union App: In the main menu, select “Transfer and Pay”. Select “Send money with Zelle®”.

Is Hudson Valley Credit Union FDIC insured?

Your accounts at HVCU are Federally Insured for up to $250,000.

How do you get a credit union app?

How do I get CuMobile?

  1. Download Now.
  2. Enter “CuMobile” into the search box and click on Link Credit union as your choice of Credit Union.
  3. Your Log In Details for the Cumobile Mobile App (username, pin and password) are the same Log In Details you will use for the Cu Anywhere app (if you previously had this).

Is it hard to get a personal line of credit?

Keep in mind: You’ll generally need good to excellent credit to get approved for a line of credit, which means it could be difficult to qualify if you have less-than-perfect credit. While some lenders might still offer lines of credit to borrowers with bad credit, these will likely come with higher interest rates.

Is it good to have a personal line of credit?

If you have good or excellent credit, you might consider a personal line of credit. Lenders typically look for strong credit, since a personal line of credit is not backed by any collateral. This type of funding is usually best for consumers who need to cover some personal expenses in a short period of time.

What time does Hudson Valley Bank Open?

Branch Locations & Surcharge-free ATMs

Location Hours
Pleasant Valley – 12 North Ave Monday-Friday 8:30 am-7 pm Saturday 9 am-5 pm Schedule an Appointment
Poughkeepsie – 2373 Route 9 Monday-Friday 8:30 am-7 pm Saturday 9 am-5 pm Schedule an Appointment

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