What are the types of Subinventories available?

What are the types of Subinventories available?

There are two types of subinventories within Warehouse Management, storage and receiving.

What is Subinventory transfer?

Use the Subinventory Transfer window to move material from one subinventory to another. If you specify the same subinventory as the From and To Subinventory, you can move material between locators within a subinventory.

What is Intransit shipment in Oracle Apps?

You can transfer items directly from one organization to another, or you can transfer items through intransit inventory. Intransit inventory represents inventory items that has not yet arrived at the receiving organization.

What is the difference between an item organization and an inventory organization?

Item Organizations: An organization structure that does not have dependencies on business units or legal entities. Inventory Organizations: An organization structure that requires business units and legal entities.

Which types of transfers are supported by transfer order?

Transfer orders support interorganization, intraorganization, and intercompany transfers. You can perform these actions on transfer orders: Pick, ship, receive, put away, and return against a transfer order document.

What does an Interorganization transfer enable a user to perform?

You can use a direct inter-organization transfer to move inventory directly from a shipping organization to a destination organization. The validity of a transfer transaction depends on the controls you have defined in both the shipping and destination organizations for the items you want to transfer.

What is a sub inventory?

A sub-inventory is a subdivision of an organisation representing either a physical area or a logical grouping of items such as a store-room or receiving dock. Every organisation needs at least one sub-inventory. When an item is defined it is allocated to particular sub-inventories.

What is the objective of creating ABC classes?

You use ABC classes to identify the value groupings to which your items belong. You define these classes using your own terminology.

What are transfer orders?

A Transfer Order is a document that keeps record of all the inventory transfers performed from one warehouse to another, thereby greatly reducing the hassle of manually updating the stock levels.

What is Intransit shipment?

When the tracking status of a shipment shows “In Transit” status, it means that the parcel is on the way to its final destination. It does not always mean that the package is in a moving vehicle such as an airplane or truck; it could be at a FedEx or UPS facility.

What is Item Master organization in Oracle Fusion?

You define items in one organization. To distinguish it from others, we call it the Item Master organization. Other organizations (child organizations) refer to the Item Master for item definition. After you define an item in the Item Master, you can assign it to any number of other organizations.

What does the MIN MAX planning report show?

Use the Min-Max Planning Report to show planning information for all items, or items with on-hand balances either below or above their assigned minimum or maximum on-hand quantities.

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