What are the best towers in Kingdom Rush?

What are the best towers in Kingdom Rush?

The best tower in the original Kingdom Rush is Tesla x104, Battle-Mecha T200 in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Forest Keepers in Kingdom Rush: Origins, and Specters Mausoleum for Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

Who is the best hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins?

Regarding the original game, the best hero would probably be Oni. He can be bought in the app store for 4.99 dollars or unlocked after finishing the campaign in the Steam version of the game. He is one of the best-rounded heroes. Physically, Oni is very strong and equally as tall.

How do you get premium content in Kingdom Rush?

The Premium Content is an additional pack of content that can be purchased for $5.95 on Armor Games or 60 Kreds (equivalent $6) on Kongregate. It is not available on the iOS and Android versions, which have the Shop instead.

How do you get free heroes in Kingdom Rush?

Kingdom Rush

  1. The first six heroes are based on the six Upgrades paths.
  2. On the Flash version, Heroes are activated by paying 15 stars at the Hero Room on the World Map.
  3. On the mobile versions, the first three heroes are free and are unlocked by beating Pagras, Silveroak Forest and Coldstep Mines, respectively.

Is Veznan a good guy?

Vez’nan is best used behind either reinforcements or barracks troops, due to his low health, but once protected, he is one of the best heroes in the game at crowd control, as most of his skills have an area-of-effect.

Which free hero is best in Kingdom Rush?

In Frontiers, the ranking of the free heroes go like this (obviously this is my opinion): (1) Alric, (2) Bruxa, (3) Mirage, (4) Cronan. Alric has high armor damage and great abilities so he easily deserves the top spot.

What is the best free hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins?

Best Free Hero In Origins?

  • Eridan.
  • Arivan.
  • Catha.
  • Razz and Rags.
  • Lilith.

How do you beat vez Nan in Kingdom Rush?

Use a hero with good armor, like Gerald Lightseeker or Hacksaw. On hero level 10, it takes Vez’nan 4 hits to kill them, if it is on mage form.

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