Is there alcohol in Chloraseptic spray?

Is there alcohol in Chloraseptic spray?

It’s available in a pharmacy without a prescription and comes in different flavors. Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray (Phenol) is alcohol, sugar, and aspirin free, so it’s pretty safe to use.

What is in sore throat spray?


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What is Phenaseptic used for?

Phenaseptic Cherry is used on the scalp to treat dandruff. Some forms of phenol topical are used inside the mouth to provide temporary relief of minor mouth pain or irritation, sore throat, or canker sore pain.

What is phenol in throat spray?

Phenol is used in some throat sprays that can help numb your throat and relieve symptoms caused by a sore throat, or irritation in the mouth caused by canker sores. You can buy over-the-counter phenol spray almost anywhere. The most common brand is Chloraseptic. It contains about 1.4 percent phenol.

What is the main ingredient in Chloraseptic?

Its active ingredient is phenol (just in Sore Throat Spray, not in Sore Throat Lozenges), a compound whose antiseptic properties were discovered by Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. Other Chloraseptic formulas are based on benzocaine.

Does sore throat spray contain alcohol?

With Chloraseptic Sore Throat Sprays, you get fast, targeted relief that numbs on contact. Chloraseptic sprays come in flavors like Warming Honey Lemon and Cherry. This product is alcohol-free, aspirin-free, and sugar-free.

What is Betadine throat spray?

Throat Spray: POVIDONE-IODINE (BETADINE) throat spray is indicated for the treatment of acute mucosal infections of the mouth and pharynx including stomatitis, gingivitis, aphthous ulcers, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, monilial infections, common colds and influenza.

Can I swallow throat spray?

Avoid swallowing the spray. To use phenol topical as a mouth rinse, gargle or swish the liquid for 15 seconds, then spit it out. Do not swallow the liquid.

Is phenol good for sore throat?

Phenol is used to relieve pain and irritation caused by sore throat, sore mouth, or canker sores. This medicine is available without a prescription; however, your doctor may have special instructions on the proper use and dose for your medical problem.

Is phenol harmful to humans?

Phenol is highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans after acute (short-term) inhalation or dermal exposures. Phenol is considered to be quite toxic to humans via oral exposure.

Is Chloraseptic or cepacol better?

Relieves sore throat and mouth pain. Chloraseptic lozenges relieves sore throat pain and doesn’t have many side effects. Cepacol Extra Strength Sore Throat (Benzocaine / Menthol) are effective at relieving pain in the mouth and throat. They start working right away, so you don’t have to wait long to feel better.

What ingredients are in cepacol?

Active Ingredients: In Each Lozenge: Benzocaine (15 Mg), Menthol (2.6 Mg). Purposes: Oral Pain Reliever, Oral Pain Reliever. Inactive Ingredients: D&C Yellow 10, Fd&C Yellow 6, Flavors, Isomalt, Maltitol, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sucralose.

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