Is NuVinci still in business?

Is NuVinci still in business?

As of January 1st, 2018, NuVinci Cycling will be renamed as Enviolo. Announced by parent Fallbrook Technologies, from which it is to now semi-independently operate, the seamless shift gearhub maker has been accelerating its bicycle business trade, telling CI. N at Eurobike that it now serves over 100 OEMs.

How does a CVT bike work?

How a CVT unit works? Unlike a conventional automatic transmission system, the CVT does not make use of gears. Instead, it has two pulleys, whose diameters are variable and are connected by a belt or a chain. One end is connected to the engine and the other one is linked to the wheels, where the power is delivered.

What is stepless shifting?

Stepless shifting Stepless shifting enables a continuous motion between the gear ratios allowing you to cycle at your exact desired cadence. Switching gears is a thing of the past.

What are stepless gears?

With a stepless gear you do not have to deal with a fixed number of gears. The number of gears is infinite! By means of a rotary switch on the handlebar you determine how light or hard you pedal. This allows you to accelerate very gradually and intuitively.

When should I clean my CVT?

Clean the system, as dirt may damage the components and affect driving comfort. Refer to your owner’s manual to know when your scooter needs CVT maintenance. Some manufacturers recommend a service after every 8 thousand kilometers and replacement after up to 24 thousand kilometers.

Does Activa have CVT?

Honda Activa 125 has a CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission) meaning it is an Automatic Transmission which does not require shifting of gears.

How does Enviolo Automatiq work?

It offers Fully Automatic shifting based on your riding terrain, pedal cadence, and bicycle speed. The Enviolo CVT is a true Continuously Variable Transmission. This means there are no “steps” or indexing between gears like a regular bike. No clicking, no skipping.

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