Is Inecto hair dye safe?

Is Inecto hair dye safe?

Rapidol and Inecto make every effort to ensure that Inecto products are safe to use and of the highest quality and allow you to colour and care for your hair with confidence. However Rapidol and the immediate vendor will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage however arising from the misuse of the preparation.

Is Inecto a permanent dye?

Inecto Super Brown is an advanced permanent hair colouring formula that works into the hair shaft to transform your hair to give you exciting, rich and long lasting colour.

How long does Inecto conditioning last?

You will need to retouch your colour in approximately 2 to 3 months, depending on how well you take care of your hair.

Is Inecto good for natural hair?

Natural and unsweetened Inecto’s decadent Dark Chocolate is as delicious as it sounds. This shade gives your tresses a rich, dark and smooth colour. It’s the perfect choice for the natural hair queens who prefer their TWA to speak for itself.

What are the side effects of dyeing your hair?

Altering the hair’s protein structure through permanent and demipermanent dyeing can cause side effects that include:

  • loss of hair strength.
  • less ability for your hair to handle heat styling.
  • reduced hair thickness.
  • increased roughness of hair follicle.

Does Inecto dye burn?

I know that it does the job and is easy and safe to use. the entire process. I did not once feel any sort of burn or discomfort on my scalp once the product had been applied. The instructions are short and concise, not leaving you confused at any moment of the dyeing process.

Can I use Inecto dye on wet hair?

Since semi-permanent hair dye isn’t formulated with peroxide or ammonia, it can be beneficial to use it on wet hair. This will open up the cuticles of the hair shaft and allow the color to absorb better into wet strands.

How do you use Inecto color conditioner?

Apply evenly to clean, dry hair from root to tip. Wait for 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Only use on hair.

Is Inecto conditioner silicone free?

When shopping for vitamins at Holland & Garrett and noticed this brand, Inecto. This is something I’ve used in the past and I asked about its ingredients. The sales lady told me that all products in their shop are free of additives (like silicones and parabens) so this was as well, yeah!

Is Inecto henna safe?

Inecto Henna Powder Hair Colour Natural Black 3 Sachets offers an easy, safe way to colour your hair. With hibiscus and henna, it not only protects, but also enhances and stimulates the colour and growth of your hair.

Which is the safest hair Colour?

Consider natural dyes, like henna. “Natural hair dye is safer” than chemical dyes, says Sonya Lunder, MPH, a senior analyst for the EWG.

Is Inecto colours a good brand?

This affordably priced premium product is the all-in-one hair care solution your hair has been waiting for. Paint the town red with Inecto Colours’ range of velvety red hair colour shades. Our shades of Cherry Red, Super Auburn and Ruby Red.

What are the new Inecto conditioning hair colours?

Add a pop of colour to your hair with Inecto’s new Conditioning Hair Colours. With our 6 vibrant shades like Carnation Candy, Indigo Infusion, Mint Magic, Plum Passion, Strawberry Shake and Cranberry Crush, you can switch up your look and condition your hair.

Which Inecto colours are right for You?

Our shades of Cherry Red, Super Auburn and Ruby Red. They are just the right balance of bold, bright and deliciously sexy. Limited edition colours with Inecto Colours’ deliciously sweet Passion Plum shade is the perfect choice for a vibrant and youthful look.

Is Inecto plus the best hair care brand in South Africa?

As South Africa’s number one selling hair brand, Inecto Plus promises salon quality hair at an affordable price. With its easy-to-use applicator, Aloe and Protein conditioner and After-colour treatment enriched with Linseed extract, Inecto Plus is your complete hair care solution in one box. You don’t have to live on the edge to have the look.

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