Is ColorPlus 200 good?

Is ColorPlus 200 good?

Kodak Kodacolor / Colorplus 200 – Film Review. We love this film for daylight shooting – its an inexpensive color negative film with great color, sharp grain, and very good exposure latitude. It’s great alternative to Ektar 100 and is a great all around film for portraits and outdoor shooting.

How many shots is Kodak Color Plus 200?

36 Exposures
Kodak ColorPlus 200 Color Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures)

Can you push Kodak ColorPlus 200?

Can you push and pull it? Yes, but not much. Some say ColorPlus is best rated at 100 for the shadows. It can also be pushed one stop at 400, and pushing it two stops is also possible, but images becomes somewhat muddy since it lacks the exposure latitude of other pricier films.

Which is better Kodak Gold or Kodak ColorPlus?

“Quality-wise” is supposed to be below the Kodak Gold 200, however, I don’t believe that is complely true. In fact, ColorPlus 200 is a highly underrated film….Kodak ColorPlus 200 Review.

Name Kodak ColorPlus 200
ISO 200
Developer C-41
Available formats 35mm
Exposures 24, 36

What ISO is Kodak ColorPlus 200?

200 ISO 200
Kodak ColorPlus 200 Review

Name Kodak ColorPlus 200
ISO 200
Developer C-41
Available formats 35mm
Exposures 24, 36

Is Kodak ColorPlus 35mm?

Kodak ColorPlus ISO 200 35mm film yields pleasing results under a variety of lighting scenarios. The film offers sharp detail with fine grain, natural color saturation, and wide exposure latitude….Official Exclusive Vintage Kodak Pin.

Film Format 35mm
Number of Rolls 1

How do I store my Kodak Color Plus 200?

Always store film (exposed or unexposed) in a cool, dry place. Process film as soon as possible after exposure. Protect negatives from strong light, and store them in a cool, dry place. Do not use a safelight.

Is Kodak a ColorPlus c41?

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is an ISO 200, 5500k daylight balanced, colour negative 35mm film that’s available in rolls of 24 or 36 exposures. It’s DX coded and is developed using the common C-41 process.

Can you push Kodak Gold?

But if this is the only color film available, is it flexible enough for push and pull processing? Kodak Gold has a surprising tonal range for a consumer film. Gold 200 will easily push 2 stops to ISO 800, and pull 3 stops down to ISO 25 and still produce beautifully saturated prints and scans.

Is ColorPlus better than gold?

In my experience Lomography CN100 and ColorPlus 200 are similar, both are granier than Gold 200 but have slightly more muted colors (giving a slightly ‘retro’ look). To give good results they need bright sunny conditions.

What’s the difference between 200 and 400 film?

The difference is the sensitivity of the film to light. 400 speed is twice as sensitive as 200 speed film. As for contrast/exposure latitude/whatnot it depends on the individual film. In general lower speed films tend to be/appear sharper, have less grain, and smoother gradients.

Is Kodak Ultramax the same as gold?

Ultramax 400’s more pronounced grain structure is arranged in a pleasing way, and its color rendition (to my taste) is much more balanced than Kodak Gold. Ultramax 400 sounds like it would be a good deal for just about everybody, but for whatever reason, that just isn’t the case.

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