How much is a Tom Seaver rookie card worth?

How much is a Tom Seaver rookie card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
MINT 9 $21,500.00 $22,511.77
NM – MT 8 $5,174.40 $4,063.55
NM 7 $1,980.00 $2,119.00
EX – MT 6 $1,625.00 $1,465.95

How much is a 1962 Willie Mays card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
EX – MT 6 $504.00 $495.00
EX 5 $334.75 $242.62
VG – EX 4 $187.50 $179.49
VG 3 $124.25 $99.64

How many cards are in a 1962 Topps baseball card?

598 cards
The 1962 Topps Baseball set consists of 598 cards, each measuring 2-1/2” by 3-1/2”. Cards feature a photograph set against a faux wood-grain background, with the lower-right corner designed to give the appearance that it is peeling away to reveal his name, team, and position.

How much is a Tommy John rookie card worth?

Tommy John Baseball Trading Card Values

1964 Topps #146 Tommy John $15.53
1976 Topps #416 Tommy John $0.58
1977 Laughlin Errors #NNO Tommy John $5.53
1977 Topps #128 Tommy John $1.05
1978 Kelloggs #36 Tommy John $3.53

What year is deGrom rookie card?

2014 Topps Heritage High Number Jacob deGrom RC #H549 Sold as factory sets, 2014 Heritage High Number Baseball contains a basic Jacob deGrom rookie card. The look is consistent with the main 2014 Topps Heritage, which is inspired by 1965 Topps.

What year is Tom Seaver rookie card?

The 1967 Topps Tom Seaver rookie card is one of the most recognizable and sought after cards of the 1960’s.

What are the 1962 Topps high numbers?

The cards ranked by Value: 1962 Topps #530 Bob Gibson : 4 – VG/EX. 1962 Topps #572 Bob Miller : 6 – EX/MT. 1962 Topps #544 Willie McCovey : 5 – EX. 1962 Topps #545 Hoyt Wilhelm : PSA 5 – EX.

How much is a 1962 Topps set worth?

Estimated PSA 9 Mint Value: $22,500 Regardless, Mays’ 1962 Topps issue can still fetch major money in mint condition often going for over $20,000 if and when one in PSA 9 condition comes up for sale or auction.

What ligament is used for Tommy John surgery?

Tommy John Surgery, more formally known as ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction, is used to repair a torn ulnar collateral ligament inside the elbow.

What is Bryce Harper’s rookie card?

2012 Topps Archives Bryce Harper RC #241 The first official Bryce Harper rookie card released, 2012 Archives gives collectors an extremely short-printed option. Harper is pictured using the 1984 Topps Baseball design and the same look is featured on his Fan Favorites autograph.

When was Jacob deGrom’s rookie year?

Originally drafted as a ninth rounder in 2010, it took a few years for the right-hander to make his way to the Mets. His MLB debut came in May, 2014 and made 22 starts for New York that season. His 144 strikeouts and 2.69 ERA were a couple of the reasons he cruised to National League Rookie of the Year honors.

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