How much is a Kenny Rogers album worth?

How much is a Kenny Rogers album worth?

KENNY ROGERS Vinyl Records and CDs

Artist Title Price
Kenny Rogers All The Hits $6 – $7
Kenny Rogers Always And Forever $2 – $32
Kenny Rogers Amazing Grace $99
Kenny Rogers The American Superstar $5 – $57

How much is Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits?

Audio CD. $19.99. 39 Used from $2.30 6 New from $19.99.

  • Vinyl. $9.95. 66 Used from $2.00 42 Collectible from $4.00.
  • How much is Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits worth?

    Last Sold: Mar 27, 2022.

  • Lowest: $0.84.
  • Median: $7.00.
  • Highest: $125.00.
  • What is Kenny Rogers favorite song?

    “My persona is, I’m more known for “The Gambler” and the Dolly Parton stuff, but that was the song that I loved doing,” Rogers explained. “… I think Dottie West is one of the most unappreciated artists ever in country music, and I’m going to do everything I can to get her into the Country Music Hall of Fame.”

    How many #1 hits does Kenny Rogers have?

    The discography of Kenny Rogers, an American country music singer, consists of 39 studio albums and 80 singles, 21 of which have reached Number One on the country chart.

    What voice type is Kenny Rogers?

    husky voice
    Kenny Rogers: The husky voice that spanned genres and generations.

    Was singer Kenny Rogers in the military?

    Kenny began his training in the field at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. Later, he was stationed in Germany and the Netherlands, and he deployed to Italy and Iraq.

    Was Kenny Rogers a good singer?

    Rogers’s albums The Gambler and Kenny were featured in the poll of “The 200 Most Influential Country Albums Ever”. He was voted the “Favorite Singer of All Time” in a 1986 joint poll by readers of both USA Today and People.

    Was Kenny Rogers a baritone?

    Although Rogers’ once-shining baritone voice is no longer able to smoothly navigate the higher notes of his range (he struggled early in the show to land all the upper notes in “Through the Years”), his affable personality and connection with the near-capacity crowd easily overcame those challenges.

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