How long is an hour in Oblivion?

How long is an hour in Oblivion?

Game time passes faster than real time by a factor of 30 (i.e., 1 minute real time = 30 minutes game time). This means that, for every two seconds that passes in real time, one minute passes in-game.

Why is Oblivion more fun than Skyrim?

6 Better: Exploration and Questing Oblivion does feel a bit more alive than Skyrim at times with random NPC’s constantly coming up to the player and strange events happening almost all the time while traveling. There’s danger in cities, quests around every corner, and one never truly knows what they’re getting into.

How do I pass time in Oblivion?

Display screen. When the option to wait has been selected (through the key T on PC), a menu appears with a slider bar, which can be adjusted. Anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours can be waited at one time.

Is it possible to get all attributes to 100 Oblivion?

Make sure you get +5 in the attributes you choose to increase each time you level up. You can only increase luck +1 each time so the more you raise luck from your character creation, the easier it is to get to 100.

Is Skyrim better than Oblivion?

Its two most recent main entries, Oblivion and Skyrim, are the entry points for many Elder Scrolls fans. Many regard Oblivion as the best game for its great quests, while others argue Skyrim is the best Elder Scrolls title with its satisfying combat.

Is Oblivion worth playing?

When it comes to quests and stories, Oblivion is a far better game than Morrowind or Skyrim. I’ve talked about this more extensively in my look at the best Elder Scrolls quests ever, but I remain truly amazed at how much thought and creativity went into even the most “average” quest in Oblivion.

Is Skyrim or Oblivion bigger?

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a close second to Skyrim in terms of popularity. By contrast, it’s actually a little bigger than Skyrim at 41km.

How long does it take to wait 24 hours in Skyrim?

Waiting 24 hours takes about 30 seconds so if you can open the menu, fast travel and get through the loading screen faster, it’s faster to do that.

How do you pass time without sleeping in Skyrim?

If you don’t have a bed handy nearby, you can choose to wait instead. If you’re on PC, press the T button to bring up the time window. On Xbox One or Xbox 360, press the Back button.

What is max level in Oblivion?

There’s no actual max level in oblivion. I think without any glitches or exploits, you can reach a maximum level of 62, and that’s only if you do it absolutely 100%.

What is the max stats in Oblivion?

There is an absolute maximum of 100 in each skill.

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