How long does it take to get parts from Ford?

How long does it take to get parts from Ford?

If all of your parts are in stock, the order will be processed and shipped generally one to two business days after receiving your order. However, if unusual circumstances arise, such as a part being back-ordered, a delay in shipment may occur.

Where do Ford get their parts from?

Other major parts suppliers for Ford include Comstar Automotive Technologies,7 FCC Adams,8 Flextronics Automotive,9 and Mahle Engine Components. 10 Meanwhile, some indirect suppliers include Cisco (CSCO), FedEx (FDX), Penske Logistics, Roush, and Union Pacific.

How do I contact Ford customer Service?

(800) 392-3673Ford Motor Company / Customer service

Who do I contact for a Ford recall?

Owners who do not receive the free instructions and label within a reasonable time should contact Ford at 1-800-392-3673.

Why is it so hard to get Ford parts?

Ford Service Departments Facing COVID-19 Induced Shortage Of Repair Parts. Following a two-month production shutdown, Ford and other automakers had to simultaneously create a safe working environment and slowly ramp production back up to normal levels over the course of several weeks.

Why is there a shortage of Ford parts?

The chip shortage dates to early 2020, when Covid caused rolling shutdowns of vehicle assembly plants. As the facilities closed, chip suppliers diverted the parts to other sectors such as consumer electronics, which weren’t expected to be as hurt by stay-at-home orders.

How do I find a part number for my car?

You can find the number located on the corresponding part in your car. If you can’t see the number, you can find it online using other identifying information. You can find car part numbers on your automaker’s OEM parts website (usually linked from the company’s main website) by searching your car’s: Make.

What brand parts does Ford use?

Motorcraft and Ford Parts are designed for Ford vehicles.

Does Ford use parts from China?

Although it remains an American car brand, many parts are not exclusively manufactured in the country. The automaker also produces and markets vehicles overseas. Some plants manufacture Ford parts in countries like Mexico, Canada, and China.

What brand of parts does Ford use?

Motorcraft and Ford Parts are designed for Ford vehicles.

Where can I buy Ford parts online?

The Ford Parts online purchasing website (“this website” or “”) is brought to you by Ford Motor Company (“FORD”) together with the Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealership that you select as your preferred dealer (“dealer”). FORD is not the seller of the parts offered for sale on this website.

What is Ford original equipment parts?

Ford Original Equipment Parts. Engineered to exacting specifications, Ford Original Equipment (OE) parts meet all European legislation relating to safety and environmental standards, whilst simultaneously ensuring great value for money and a first-time fit guaranteed when fitted by your local Ford dealer.

Why choose Ford OE parts?

Ford OE parts are the only way you can be sure that what you receive will be a brand-new, thoroughly-tested, factory-manufactured replacement covered by our comprehensive pan-European Parts & Accessories Warranty, helping to protect the safety of you and your passengers’. To find out more, find and contact your nearest Ford Parts Dealer.

What are Ford Motorcraft® parts?

Ford Motorcraft ® parts are remanufactured products that offer high quality, vehicle-specific applications for Ford vehicles at competitive prices, particularly for older model repairs.

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