How do you remove something from a text file in Java?

How do you remove something from a text file in Java?

How to delete a string inside a file(. txt) in java?

  1. Retrieve the contents of the file as a String.
  2. Replace the required word with an empty String using the replaceAll() method.
  3. Rewrite the resultant string into the file again.

How do I remove the first line from a text file in Java?

Scanner fileScanner = new Scanner(myFile); fileScanner. nextLine(); This will return the first line of text from the file and discard it because you don’t store it anywhere.

How do I remove lines from a file?

Using a Number to Delete a Line

  1. Open the file in read mode.
  2. Read the files contents.
  3. Open the file in write mode.
  4. Use a for loop to read each line and write it to the file.
  5. When we reach the line we want to delete, skip it.

How do you remove the last line of a text file in Java?

If you wanted to delete the last line from the file without creating a new file, you could do something like this: RandomAccessFile f = new RandomAccessFile(fileName, “rw”); long length = f. length() – 1; do { length -= 1; f.

How do you clear a line in Java?

Use ANSI Escape Codes to Clear Console in Java To clear the console in Java, we will use the escape code \033[H\033[2J . This weird set of characters represents the command to clean the console.

What does TRIM () do in Java?

The trim() method removes whitespace from both ends of a string.

How do I change the first line of a file in Java?

First use BufferedReader ‘s readLine() to read the first line. Modify it and write it to the BufferedWriter . Then use a char[] array to perform a brute-force copy of the remainder of the file.

How do you delete a string in a text Python?

“python delete string in file” Code Answer’s

  1. # Delete all text in a text file.
  2. f = open(“text_file.txt”, “r+”)
  3. f. truncate(0)
  4. f. close()

How do you delete a line in a bash script?

Deleting a Line

  1. Press the Esc key to go to normal mode.
  2. Place the cursor on the line you want to delete.
  3. Type dd and hit Enter to remove the line.

How do you delete certain lines in a text file in Python?

Use the below steps to delete the first line from a file.

  1. Open file in a read and write mode ( r+ )
  2. Read all lines from a file.
  3. Move file pointer at the start of a file using the seek() method.
  4. Truncate the file.
  5. Write all lines from a file except the first line.

What does flush () do in Java?

The flush() method of PrintWriter Class in Java is used to flush the stream. By flushing the stream, it means to clear the stream of any element that may be or maybe not inside the stream. It neither accepts any parameter nor returns any value. Parameters: This method do not accepts any parameter.

What does Clear () do in Java?

The clear() method of List interface in Java is used to remove all of the elements from the List container. This method does not deleted the List container, instead it justs removes all of the elements from the List.

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