How do I stop vasospasm while breastfeeding?

How do I stop vasospasm while breastfeeding?

How can vasospasm be treated or managed?

  1. Apply warmth with a compress or heat pack straight after breastfeeding.
  2. Use breast warmers made from a reflective material since this can be soothing.
  3. Try massaging olive oil onto your nipples after feeding but without exposing your breast to cold air.

How do I breastfeed with Raynaud’s?

Women with Raynaud’s phenomenon should be encouraged to wear warm clothing and breastfeed in warm environments. Most of our mothers reported improved symptoms as the weather warmed and when visiting warmer climates during vacations.

Can I breastfeed with vasospasm?

Some women may need to discuss this further with their GP or lactation consultant. If none of the above is helping they may need to take a prescription medicine of low dose oral nifedipine to relieve the vasospasm. The good news is that vasospasm can be treated and you will be able to go on breastfeeding, pain free.

How do you calm a vasospasm?

Treatment is with medications that reduce or relieve vasospasm, including:

  1. nitrates: to prevent or relieve vasospasm.
  2. calcium channel blockers: to reduce vasospasm by relaxing the arterial muscle.

What causes vasospasm while breastfeeding?

Nipple vasospasm has been described in case studies of breastfeeding women as a reduced flow of blood through the capillaries caused by constriction in the peripheral circulation. It may be exacerbated by cold and a poor latch.

Can Raynaud’s affect your nipples?

Raynaud’s phenomenon causes the blood vessels to narrow in response to cold or stress, leading to reduced blood flow to certain areas. The disorder most often affects the fingers and toes, but in rare cases, it can affect the nose, ears, lips and nipples, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Is nifedipine safe while breastfeeding?

Safe During Breastfeeding: Nifedipine does pass from mother to infant in breast milk. While no complications or side effects have been reported, waiting four hours after your last dose before breastfeeding decreases the concentration of the drug in breast milk.

What causes vasospasm in breastfeeding?

How long does vasospasm in breast last?

Nifedipine is a prescription drug used for high blood pressure. One 30 mg tablet of the slow release formulation once a day often almost always takes away the pain of vasospasm completely. After two weeks, we recommend you stop the medication.

Why do the tips of my nipples turn white after breastfeeding?

Nipple blanching is a term used to describe painful, white nipples. Blanching can be the result of a vasospasm, when the blood vessels constrict and spasm,1 or from any other situation that temporarily stops the blood from flowing to the nipples.

How do you treat Raynaud’s nipples?

Nondrug treatments include optimizing breastfeeding technique, warming the nipples, stress management, and avoiding the cold. Avoidance of caffeine, nonselective beta-blockers, and vasoconstrictors (e.g., pseudoephedrine) is also recommended.

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