How do I import my Football Manager Tactics?

How do I import my Football Manager Tactics?

Go to the Documents folder and navigate to Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021. There will be a Tactics folder here and if it isn’t, then create one by launching the game then start a new game and save it.

How do I add downloaded Tactics to Football Manager 2021?

Click on the Football Manager 2021 folder and look for the tactics folder. If there isn’t a tactics folder, you will need to launch FM 21, start a new game, and save it. This will tell your computer that you have begun a new FM 21 save, and it will create a tactics folder.

How do I upload a tactic fm22?

After starting the game, go to the Tactics tab; Click on the plus to add a new tactic, then select Load Tactic; This will open the folder to which you copied the new tactic – load it.

How do I download Steam Tactics?

How to Install if you subscribed via Steam

  1. From the Football Manager start screen window, click on “DOWNLOADS”.
  2. Click on Steam Workshop > Download add-ons directly from Steam.
  3. Browse the Steam Workshop until you find the right tactic.

How do I install downloaded Tactics on fm22?

How do I download FM Scout Tactics?

How do I import Tactics FM 2021 to touch iPad?


  1. Download iTunes and install it.
  2. Connect the iPad to iTunes and wait for the sync to finish.
  3. Select the tablet and go to “File Sharing”
  4. Select “FM Touch”
  5. Click “Add File” and add the desired downloaded tactic.
  6. Click “Done”, disconnect and enjoy.

How do you use downloaded Tactics in FM22?

How do you download mods for FM22?

To install Steam mods in Football Manager 22, go to Main Menu > More > Downloads > Steam. This screen lets players easily install mods that they have subscribed to in Steam’s Workshop. For the mods that aren’t from Steam, links have been added to each entry that will direct people to the mod’s download page.

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