How do I get to kefka Tower?

How do I get to kefka Tower?

It is impossible for anyone to enter Kefka’s Tower on foot, it must be entered by air via the Falcon, and the party members drop onto the tower and work their way in from the exterior.

How do you beat the goddess in ff6?

It is best to kill Goddess before Cloudy Heaven. Flare and Ultima will ignore Shell and do full damage, and multi-hit attacks with the Master’s Scroll also work well. Equipment that absorbs or negates Lightning will nullify much of the Goddess’s attack spells, though the true dangers are her status attacks.

How do you beat kefka in ff3?

When Kefka is countering with Ultima, it is advised to only attack when Kefka is preparing Forsaken, as he will not counter when charging it. A cheap way to defeat Kefka is to have a character equipped with two Ultima Weapons (possible if a second is stolen from Rest) and a Master’s Scroll.

Where is the master scroll ff6?

Finding the Master’s Scroll is a little more straightforward as it only exists in one spot: the Ancient Castle. To get it, explore the dungeon until you find a Samurai Soul. Fight the enemy and once you’ve won, you’ll get the relic.

How does fixed dice work ff6?

Final Fantasy VI When used, three dice are thrown at the opponent, and the damage dealt is equal to the product of all three rolls multiplied by Setzer’s level, then doubled. If all dice rolls are the same, the damage is multiplied again by one of those rolls. If Setzer is berserked, the damage is boosted by 50%.

How do you beat the demon in ff6?

It usually uses normal attacks, Metal Cutter, Stop and its special attack, Tyrfing. If any party members are struck with Stop, Demon will use Blaster to inflict Death, which hits a stopped character.

Who would win Kefka or Sephiroth?

10 Physical Strength (Sephiroth Wins) Kefka is someone who’s definitely much more dependent on the use of magic and special abilities to aid him in his reign of terror. Sephiroth, on the other hand, has actually trained in combat and has brute strength to fall back on when everything else fails.

How do you beat Brachiosaur in ff6?

Strategy. Blizzaga, Flare, and Ultima spells are most effective. Those not using Blizzaga should use Defense-ignoring attacks. The player should kill the Brachiosaur quickly before it uses Ultima.

Where is the Blizzard Orb ff6?

Blizzard Orb Description Special Attributes
Cost Equippers
Not Sold
Found: Ancient Castle Colosseum Win from: Weredragon (Wager Berserker Ring)

How do you get the valiant knife in ff6?

Final Fantasy VI Valiant Knife is a mid-ranked dagger for Locke. It has an attack power of 145, gives +10% Evasion, and enables the Runic command (although Locke cannot use Runic). It can be obtained by re-recruiting Locke from the Phoenix Cave.

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