How do I access query builder in Business objects?

How do I access query builder in Business objects?

Query Builder in BO – Browse / Query BO Repository

  1. Note: To access your Query Builder, use the below URL link in the Web browser.
  2. “https:///AdminTools/querybuilder/ie.jsp”
  3. CMS Repository Structure.
  4. Physical Database Tables.

How do you query in Business objects?

To create a query simply drag and drop data from the left side panel to the select area. if you want to create a filter, then you need to drop your object in the where are instead, Finally to run the query just click on the refresh data button.

What is Query Builder in SAP?

Query Builder is a tool available in SAP BusinessObjects since Crystal Enterprise 8.5 that allows you to understand what content exists in the CMS (Central Management Server). It is commonly used by SAP BusinessObjects administrators and developers looking for information about their users, reports, and universes.

How do I create a query in Query Builder?

To build a a query in Query Builder, you perform the following steps:

  1. Select objects from the Object Selection pane.
  2. Add objects to the Design pane and select columns.
  3. Optional: Establish relationships between objects.
  4. Optional: Create query conditions.
  5. Execute the query and view results.

How do you use BEx query design?

To access BEx Query designer, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Start -> All Programs. Under the folder “Business Explorer”, the “Query Designer” is available. Click on “Query Designer”.
  2. Select required BW system. Click the Ok button. Enter the Client. User Name. Password. Logon Language. Click the Ok Button.

Where do I find scheduled reports Bo?

Business Objects Inbox – Viewing Reports Your scheduled reports are delivered to your Business Objects Inbox. To open report you can either: ‘Right’ click on the report email and select ‘View’ • OR double click on the report email.

Does SAP Business Objects use SQL?

With QuerySurge BI Tester for SAP Business Objects WebIntelligence, data testers can use familiar SQL syntax to retrieve query data from WebIntelligence reports and validate it against any QuerySurge-supported Source or Target.

What is SQL query builder?

The SQL Query Builder (SQB) is a component of the Data Tools Platform (DTP) SQL Development Tools project. ▪ The SQB is a software tool that allows end-users to create SQL queries using point-click-select and drag-drop gestures.

How does query builder work?

Using Query Builder, you can search and filter database objects, select objects and columns, create relationships between objects, view formatted query results, and save queries with little or no SQL knowledge.

What is SAP BW query?

To analyze the dataset in the BW system, you can define queries. A query consists of a selection of characteristics and key figures (InfoObjects) for analyzing the data of an InfoProvider and specifies the navigation space in which users can navigate, as well as the initial view.

What is query designer?

The Query Designer is a Oracle Smart View for Office tool from which you can design the layout of a report by selecting dimensions, members, and attributes for rows, columns, and the POV from one interface.

What is Query Builder in BusinessObjects?

Query Builder is one of the essential and interesting tools in BusinessObjects. Using Query builder one can easily query the BusinessObjects repository and get the required information which cannot be found even in CMC.

How do I explore the BusinessObjects repository?

Some of the Query builder queries to explore the BusinessObjects repository. This will be handy for those who searching for Query Builder Queries. SELECT SI_ID, SI_KIND, SI_NAME FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_UNIVERSE.SI_TOTAL>1

How do I get more than 1000 objects in a query?

BusinessObjects Query builder queries – Part II. To list reports and documents those are in public folders including Sub folders. the default limit for returning objects would be 1000 objects normally. In order to get more than 1000 objects we need to use ‘Top N’ function before the column listing in the query.

Can we get user name and group from the same query?

Unfortunately, we cannot get both user name and group from the same query. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment. If you have a different answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead.

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