Do you leave gas fireplace on pilot or on?

Do you leave gas fireplace on pilot or on?

We recommend that you turn off your gas fireplace pilot light seasonally. Turning off your gas fireplace’s pilot light can save a substantial amount of energy and money. It is important to remember that not all gas fireplaces have “standing” pilot light, or, a pilot light that is “always on”.

Can you manually light a gas fireplace with electronic ignition?

Re-lighting pilot lights is straightforward on today’s modern gas fireplaces. If you have an electronic ignition unit, using your remote control simply press the ‘on’ button and the pilot will re-ignite within a few seconds, followed by the fireplace a few seconds after that.

Should I turn off the pilot light on my gas fireplace in the summer?

Reasons You Should Keep Your Gas Fireplace On Keeping your gas fireplace on in summer can help you stay comfortable on chilly nights. Even if the pilot light is turned off, the pilot tubes may still have trace amounts of gas molecules. Gas companies add mercaptan in the gas to give it a pleasant odor.

What if pilot light goes out on gas fireplace?

What should I do when my pilot light goes out? If you notice your pilot light has gone out, the first thing you should do is shut off the gas feed and wait a few minutes. This will assure no excess gas has built up in the system or in the room.

How does a gas fireplace with a switch work?

The wall switch sends an electrical signal to your fireplace to open a valve and release the gas for the pilot light to light it. Without power most fireplace valves will not open.

Should a gas fireplace have a pilot light?

A gas fireplace pilot light is a small part that can be found as part of the ignition system for the fireplace and creates a smaller flame that’s used to help light the main flames generated by the larger burner. This pilot flame is required every time when lighting the main burner flames in a gas fireplace.

Will gas leak if pilot light is off?

Although this is an area of concern for many people, the reality is that boilers are built so that the gas supply to the pilot light is shut off if the flame goes out. Whilst the cause of pilot light failure needs to be investigated, extinguished pilot lights aren’t going to cause a gas leak.

How much does it cost to keep pilot light on fireplace?

The average fuel consumption of your standing Pilot light is: Natural gas is $0.60 a day = $219 a year. Liquid Propane is $1.80 a day = $657 a year. Sophisticated fireplace manufactures like Travis Industries have developed Intermittent pilot light systems.

Do you smell gas when pilot light goes?

When in doubt, call Vectren, the gas company, 800.227. 1376. Note that it is totally normal on automatic pilots (pilots that do NOT stay lit all the time) to smell a little natural gas when the are first turned on. A little gas will escape as the pilot and burners light on your heat or appliance.

How to light your pilot light on a gas fireplace?

Preparing to Light a Gas Fireplace. Before you light a gas fireplace,make sure you’re familiar with the unit.

  • Lighting a Gas Fireplace With a Control Panel. A gas fireplace control panel usually has a red igniter pilot knob and a control dial.
  • Lighting a Gas Fireplace With a Key Valve.
  • Using a Wall Switch to Turn On a Gas Fireplace.
  • How do you light a gas fireplace pilot?

    Turn on the Gas Supply to the Fireplace

  • Turn on the Fireplace. The switch on the side is a basic toggle switch.
  • Ignite the Pilot Light. This pilot has a piezoelectric starter,so you don’t need to hold a flame next to the pilot to light it.
  • Switch the Knob From “Pilot” to “On” Position.
  • Adjustments and Calibration.
  • How to start a gas fireplace?

    Occasionally, it’s important to take the opportunity to vacuum the inside of the gas fireplace. Dust, pet hair, small insects and other particles accumulate there. Inspect ceramic logs to make sure they are intact, often these pieces start to deteriorate.

    How to ignite a gas fireplace with a standing pilot?

    If the system involves opening a gas valve with a fireplace key,use a long match or lighter.

  • If you’re using a fireplace key and your fireplace has a front cover,remove it completely and set it aside to access the burner.
  • If the control panel’s pilot knob is not already in “Off” position,turn it off.
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