Did Adam Sevani have a stunt double?

Did Adam Sevani have a stunt double?

When not teaching, entertaining or attempting world records, Souris gets occasional gigs in films. Recently he was Adam G. Sevani’s stunt double for his character “Moose’s” in the movie “Step Up Revolution,” a movie about dancing set in Miami that’s scheduled to be released later this month.

Which step up has the robot guy?

Step Up 3D (2010 Movie)
Step Up 3D (2010 Movie) Official Clip – “Robot Rock” – Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson, Adam Sevani.

Did Adam G Sevani Dance In Step Up?

In February 2008, Sevani appeared in the Touchstone Pictures dance drama film Step Up 2: The Streets, the second installment of the Step Up film series. The film centered on a group of students who form a dance troupe and battle on the streets.

Who plays the robot guy in Step Up 3?

Chadd Smith
Chadd Smith; from Step Up 3 | Step up 3, Robot dance, Dubstep dance.

What happened to Moose the dancer?

Sevani, widely known as “Moose” from the Step Up film series, is currently touring Australia, leading master classes in various cities. Having just finished his Sydney master class at Brent Street, he’s now bound for Melbourne tonight and soon Hobart, Perth and Adelaide.

What movie did Moose play in?

Savani appeared as Moose in Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D and Step Up: Revolution.

How tall is Chadd Smith?

6′ 2″Chadd Smith / Height

How did Adam Sevani famous?

Adams’ most recognized career turn to date is as a supporting actor in the Step Up triology. This role fetched him the 2008 Young Hollywood Award for ‘Best Scene Stealer’ in 2008.

Was Moose in the first step up?

Moose is in “The Mob” but is only featured in one scene, where they get a solo, but earlier (before that scene) they recieve a call from Jason (friend and former Pirate).

Does Moose appear in Step Up 1?

Who is Adam Sevani and what does he do?

Adam Sevani is an American actor and professional dancer. He has been a dancer his whole life and has appeared in several music videos and performed with various dance groups. However, a big break in his career landed in 2008 in the form of a dance film, Step Up 2: The Streets.

How many followers does Adam Sevani have on Instagram?

However, as of 2021, Adam has become a social media star with a massive fan following on his handles. He boasts over a million followers on his Instagram account @adamsevani, 44.6 subscribers on YouTube, and around 34k fans follow him on Facebook.

What is Adam Sevani’s net worth?

Adam Sevani’s net worth is around $1.5 million. He stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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