Are Vittoria Zaffiro good?

Are Vittoria Zaffiro good?

The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro V Graphene 2.0 is a reasonably priced tyre that has good durability and puncture resistance, making it an eminently suitable option for a winter/training tyre. It isn’t very fast rolling and feedback from the road surface is minimal, but it delivers all the grip you might expect.

Is Vittoria a good tire?

I’ve always found Vittoria to be a good brand choice for the money. $20 each is a great price for those who need a good dry and wet/light trail road tire. Despite the fact these are wire bead, I had no problem mounting them without tools by simply rolling them over onto the rim by hand.

Is Vittoria Zaffiro tubeless Ready?

The Zaffiro Pro is a non-tubeless clincher only model and is available in 25, 28, 30 and 32mm widths. Installation of the 32mm on test was very simple, with no tyre levers needed; inflated to 50psi, the tyre measured 34mm when installed onto a rim with a 21mm internal width.

How long do Vittoria tires last?

They’ll probably last for a decade. They’re hard and in my opinion one of the worst tyres available unless you’re sticking to a sub £10 budget. If you’ve ridden 2 – 3,000 miles then I’d thank your lucky stars you’ve not slid off the bike, put them in the bin and buy a decent set of tyres.

What is Vittoria TLR?

TLR denotes Vittoria’s lightest weight tubeless optimized construction, which offers a supple ride and dramatic weight advantage once reserved for elite pros lucky enough to have tubulars at their disposal. Consider the TLR options to be pinnacle race day tires made available to the masses.

What is a clincher TYRE?

A clincher tire is constructed with a bead that hooks onto a wheel with a clincher type rim. Inside each tire is an inner tube that you fill with air. When you get a flat tire, you remove your inner tube and repair it or replace it with a new one.

Where are Vittoria bike tires made?

Vittoria Tyres was originally founded in Italy in 1953, and for almost 40 years, the company manufactured all of its tyres there. By 1990, though, the company was in deep financial trouble, and that’s when the current owners took over the brand and moved production to Thailand.

Where are Vittoria tyres from?

In 1988, Vittoria moved its production to Bangkok, Thailand, at the Lion Tyres facility where the majority of its tyres are made, and in 2013 the brand opened a shiny new compound factory to continue to push the company’s tyre technology.

How many km is Vittoria Corsa?

Trying to find out the benchmark most people have when riding on the Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 tires. I had ridden about 1,600 kms (994 miles) before switching to a new pair of tires. I ride on concrete and asphalt roads mostly but it’s not like they’re tarmac roads that are always cleaned.

How many miles should I get on a bike tire?

The conventional wisdom is that your road bike tires last anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 miles. High-end (more expensive) tires should last at least 2,500 miles.

Is Vittoria Rubino Pro good?

The Rubino Pro has long been a favorite for both training and racing, and with the addition of Graphene technology compounds, is more versatile than ever!” They are pretty decent as an all-rounder. Dependable tyres if you like to ride quickly but want that backed up with durability. Wet weather grip is impressive.

What is Vittoria tubeless TNT?

The TNT option is compatible with both tubeless and traditional inner tube setups, and offers enhanced durability and cut resistance, as well as Vittoria’s legendary supple ride quality. TNT is a better choice for everyday training and rock strewn race tracks where cut sidewalls and pinch flats are commonplace.

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