Will there be a Horrid Henry: The Movie 2?

Will there be a Horrid Henry: The Movie 2?

Sequel. In an interview with Novel Entertainment, aired out in January 2020 after the success of Horrid Henry: The Movie being aired on Nicktoons, executive producer Lucinda Whiteley said she was ‘absolutely (working on a sequel)!

Who plays Horrid Henry’s mum in the movie?

Siobhan Hayes
Siobhan Hayes is a British actress, notable for playing the role of Mum in the 2011 live-action film Horrid Henry: The Movie.

Who plays Horrid Henry’s dad in the movie?

Matthew Horne
Brit cult comic Noel Fielding will make an appearance as Killer Boy Rats’ frontman Ed Banger, joining Jo Brand as the Demon Dinner Lady, Matthew Horne as Henry’s Dad and Prunella Scales as Great Aunt Greta.

How many Horrid Henry films are there?

one movie
So far, there is only one movie in the Horrid Henry series.

Is Ralph rude?

Like Henry, Ralph is mischievous, rebellious, and has the personality of a ‘bad boy’. He is very rude and rarely says please and thank you.

What does beefy Bert say?

I dunno.
He is best known for when Miss Battle-Axe asks a question; Bert replies with his usual motto, ‘I dunno. ‘, followed by an intellectual answer from someone else.

Are Horrid Henry’s parents abusive?

In a nutshell, Henry’s parents are abusive and neglectful, doing little to tackle the underlying causes of why Henry is horrid, and instead allow it to continue.

Who is stuck up Steve’s dad?

Stuck-Up Steve is the son of Rich Aunt Ruby and is Henry’s and Peter’s stingy, arrogant, spoiled and snobby rich older cousin who is very stuck-up and hates Henry. Sometimes, he has more in common with Henry than he thinks (by picking on Peter), but sometimes he is more like Peter than he lets on.

Why is Ralph rude to Piggy?

Ralph is very mean Piggy because he embarrasses him and treats him really badly.

Are Ralph and Piggy friends?

Although Ralph and Piggy are portrayed differently, their understanding, trust and mutual respect prove they are true friends. True friendship is rooted in mutual respect, Ralph and Piggy share this through Ralph’s acceptance of Piggy’s wise-thinking.

Should I let my child watch Horrid Henry?

Don’t be Horrid Henry. Overall the show is good. But not for children below 12. The way Henry pranks his brother Peter, Margaret and every other character is fun to watch.

Why did they cancel Horrid Henry?

Hundreds wrote back – with many admitting that they had switched off the programme due to copycat behaviour, or because they were “simply fed up of getting called a worm”. But some mothers revealed that their children are allowed to watch the programme and read the books at school.

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