Why was U2 added to my iTunes?

Why was U2 added to my iTunes?

Bono called the album “a gift [from Apple]… to all their music customers”, and said that the group wanted to “get [the album] to as many people as possible, because that’s what our band is all about”. The record was automatically added to the “purchased” section of users’ iTunes music libraries.

Why does the U2 album Keep Coming Back on My iPhone?

The albums were constantly syncing to my newer devices because of some iCloud setting somewhere; even deleting them didn’t do the trick, as they’d continue to play over the cloud.

How did U2 put music on my iPhone?

On September 9th, Bono appeared on stage with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the iPhone and Apple Watch event to announce that the “Songs of Innocence” album is free for everyone with an iTunes account and it was automatically downloaded to every Apple device through iCloud.

What album is the Saints are coming on?

U218 SinglesThe Saints Are Coming / AlbumU218 Singles is a greatest hits album by Irish rock band U2, released in November 2006. In most markets, the album contains 18 songs: 16 of their most successful and popular singles, and two new songs. Wikipedia

How do I stop iTunes from downloading U2?

Remove it from iTunes on your computer If you would like to stop purchases from automatically downloaded to your library, open the iTunes preferences, click on the Store tab, and uncheck the automatic downloads box.

When Apple and U2 spammed the world?

September 9, 2014
September 9, 2014, was a big day for Apple. U2 fans probably remember it as well. And the world got angry because everyone got a free album.

How do I get U2 off my iTunes?

Customers are no longer able to remove the album on their own. You will need to reach out to Apple Support directly to have the album removed. You can use this link to get in touch with support: Contact – Official Apple Support. Take care!

When was the Saints are coming released?

2006The Saints Are Coming / Released

Was Stuart Adamson in the skids?

William Stuart Adamson (11 April 1958 – 16 December 2001) was a Scottish rock guitarist and singer. Adamson began his career in the late 1970s as a founding member and performer with the punk rock band Skids. After leaving Skids in 1981, he formed Big Country and was the band’s lead singer and guitarist.

How much money did U2 make from Apple?

Let’s Calculate How Long it Took Apple to Make the $100 Million It Paid for U2’s Album. We know that $100 million might sound like a lot of money, but Apple had $7.7 billion in profit last quarter.

How do I remove U2 from my Iphone 2021?

In Apple Music go to Account > Purchase. You’ll see the U2 album cover. Mouse over it and klick on the X to set it to hidden.

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