Why is the audio on my Insignia TV not working?

Why is the audio on my Insignia TV not working?

1- Unplug the television from the power outlet. 2- Remove all connections from the back of the television. 3- Whilst everything is unplugged, press and hold the “Power” and “Volume +” keys at the same time for one minute. 4- Let the TV set rest for 5 minutes.

Why is my audio not coming through my TV?

Increase the volume on the TV and/or your connected media device (streaming player, Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, etc.). Check the audio settings on your TV and connected devices. Turn off and unplug your TV and connected devices. Inspect the TV cables and ports, then check the ones on your devices as well.

Why doesn’t my TV have sound with HDMI?

Your HDMI no sound problem can be caused by corrupt or missing audio driver issues. To fix the problem, you can try to update the sound driver. There are two ways you can get the right drivers for your sound card: manually or automatically.

How do I get sound on my TV through HDMI?

Set the audio output setting of the source device to output a compatible audio signal. IMPORTANT: If using a set-top box, make sure the volume is turned up on the set-top box. You also may need to go into the set-top box menu and select HDMI in the Audio Settings or Audio Coding section to pass the audio to the TV.

How do I connect my insignia TV to my speakers?

  1. Step 1: Place the soundbar in front of the TV. First, put the soundbar in front of the TV.
  2. Step 2: Connect the optical cable to the TV.
  3. Step 3: Connect the optical cable to the soundbar.
  4. Step 4: Plug in the soundbar.
  5. Step 5: Turn down TV speakers.
  6. Step 6: Set TV audio output to PCM.
  7. Step 7: Using the remote.

How do I reset my insignia speaker?

The orange LEDs on the top of your speaker light solid when the microphone is muted. Press for 12 seconds to reset the product.

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