Why is SoulWorker shutting down?

Why is SoulWorker shutting down?

The closure is due to the publishing contract between Gameforge and Korean developer Lion Games ending and no renewal planned.

Is SoulWorker coming back?

The game’s original Korean developer, Lion Games, however, announced that they will be taking over publishing in the west and will be re-launching the game globally on May 13 barring any unexpected issues.

How do you unlock desire SoulWorker?

Desireworker is a class advancement that can only be unlocked after completing the New Source quest from the Corrupted Records questline. You must be at least level 65 in order to accept the quest to start the class advancement.

How do you unlock the altar of the void SoulWorker?

Viilor’s Altar or the Altar of Void, commonly referred to as AoV by community, is a level 60 raid located in Grasscover Camp that can accessed after completing “Entering the Void” quest. It offers two difficulty modes: Hard and Manic.

Is SoulWorker pay to win?

I haven’t tried them myself, but the reviews are looking good for both. I can confirm about Soul Worker. The game itself is good except for the fact that is published by Gameforge. All the games published by Gameforge are full p2w and grindy (see Nostale, Elsword, etc).

Is SoulWorker good now?

✔️ SoulWorker has some of the best action combat in an Anime MMORPG. ✔️ It has a decent story if you need something to follow to take you away from the adruous grind that is present. ✔️ It looks gorgeous, and has an interesting setting for an MMO.

Did SoulWorker shut down?

SoulWorker – Anime Action MMO – Our Adventure is Ending – Steam News.

Is Gacha a SoulWorker?

Thankfully, SoulWorker doesn’t have a gacha system in place for its characters; it only has one for fashion which is fair enough considering it’s a free game. Despite being an MMORPG, the gameplay is also similar enough to Genshin Impact’s and its over-the-top anime combat.

How do you unlock the Golden Citadel?

The Golden Citadel is the fifth accessible ingame hub. It can be unlocked after completing Shiho’s quest in Ruin Fortress after Level 55. After completing the quest, you can visit the Golden Citadel by talking to Nael in District 6.

How do I unlock SinWorker?

The SinWorker Quest Series You can start the brand new SinWorker quest series as soon as you have completed the district mentioned above or the corresponding quest series and have reached level 65. You must also have unlocked the first and second Nova skills.

Is SoulWorker a good game?

Players could finally access and play the game after years of being neglected and ignored. And that is reflected in the thousands of active concurrent players, and tens of thousands of active players every day. Don’t worry, that’s it for the history lesson. SoulWorker is an absolutely gorgeous Anime-inspired hub-MMO.

Is SoulWorker worth it 2021?

SoulWorker is an absolutely gorgeous Anime-inspired hub-MMO. There exist several different, unique “hubs” scattered around the world. These hubs are filled with various different NPCs that each provide players with quests to undertake. Some of them are story related, some are purely side-content.

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