Why is Petra the wrong friend?

Why is Petra the wrong friend?

Why is Petra the wrong kind of friend to have? What valuable skill does she eventually teach Ender? Because she is an outcast. She teaches Ender how to aim.

Why does Bonzo reprimand ender in front of his army?

Ender observes an army as they practice. Why does Bonzo reprimand Ender in front of his army? so that he looks tough. Why doesn’t Ender shoot at anybody on the Condor Army?

Why doesn’t Graff stop the boy from hitting ender on the head what happens to the boy?

Graff doesn’t stop the boy hitting Ender on the head because he wanted to test his abilities that were no longer on Earth. The boy breaks his arm.

Why was ender in Battle School?

Ender passes because Colonel Graff is satisfied by the reasons Ender gave for what he did to Stilson. Graff wants Ender to choose to come to school because he will not do well if he does not go willingly. He makes Ender’s parents leave the room and tries to convince Ender to leave, by telling him how tough it will be.

Does Ender find out he killed Bonzo?

The chapter ends with a conversation between Colonel Anderson, now in charge of the battle school, and Major Imbu. It is revealed that Ender killed Bonzo when they fought.

What aspects of battle school does Graff warn Ender about?

What aspects of Battle School does Graff warn Ender about? Family cannot visit. Leave at age 12 and finish when age 16. It is hard.

What lessons does Ender learn from Bonzo Madrid about being a commander?

From watching Bonzo Madrid, Ender learns both from what Bonzo lacks and what he does well. Bonzo’s skill is in organization and discipline. When he becomes a commander, Ender incorporates an emphasis on order and hierarchy into his system with Dragon Army.

Who does Ender see in the mirror?

When Ender looks in the mirror, he sees many things: his own face, his brother Peter’s face, and his sister Valentine’s face. The mirror is a symbol of Ender’s introspectiveness and need for self-knowledge.

Why is Ender’s response to an attack so significant?

Why is Ender’s response to an attack so significant? It’s good because it proves that he would make a good commander. The game knows because they follow Ender’s actions at the Battle School and they know all the information from when he had the monitor so it knows that Ender didn’t want to be anything like Peter.

What is Ender’s greatest fear?

Ender’s biggest fear is that he’s just like Peter – a vicious killer.

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