Why is Mr blank in the color purple?

Why is Mr blank in the color purple?

The implication is that the person whose name is replaced by a blank is a real person. Using the blank protects the real person’s identity and to a degree separates and protects the speaker from that person.

What does Celie believe has happened to her babies?

What does Celie mean when she says she’s big? What does Celie believe has happened to her babies? Alfonso killed one and sold the oher. Who is Mr.

Who is the main character in The Color Purple?


Why does Sofia end up in jail?

Sofia ends up in jail after “sassing” the mayor’s wife. She’s beaten so badly, she’s lucky to be alive. Sofia works in the prison laundry. She says she’s just like Celie now—subservient.

What is a purple character?

Being a personality color purple, you have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you. People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy. You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy although this is not the case.

Who does Shug end up staying with?

Stricken, Shug says she’ll stay around until Albert promises not to beat Celie. Shug leaves and makes big money as a singer. When she returns, she has a husband, Grady. Shug and Celie fall in love.

How does Mr react when he learns Shug is leaving and is taking to take Celie with her?

How does Mr. react when he learns Shug is leaving and is planning to take Celie with her? a) He kicks Shug out of the house and tells her she is never allowed back again.

What does Celie represent in the color purple?

Because of Shug and because of Sofia, Celie is able to triumph — and triumph joyfully — over the sexual and racial oppression that smothered many of her female ancestors. The Color Purple, then, is a story about growth, endurance, loyalty, solidarity, and joy — all nurtured by the strength of love.

What crushing news does Shug give Celie when she goes back to Memphis?

She is in love with Germaine, Explanation: What crushing news does shug give celie when she goes back to memphis? She is in love with Germaine, a nineteen year old boy

What does the color purple mean in the Bible?

Purple – Priesthood, kingship, royalty, mediator, wealth. Gold – Glory, divinity, kingship, eternal deity, foundation, altar, beauty, precious, holiness, majesty, righteousness.

Who is the antagonist in the color purple?


What symbolism behind the quilt for Celie Why does she cherish it?

After Sofia and Celie argue about the advice Celie has given Harpo, Sofia signals a truce by suggesting they make a quilt. The quilt, composed of diverse patterns sewn together, symbolizes diverse people coming together in unity.

What did Sophia say?

The other women usually seek Sophia out for advice, which Sophia is all too willing to share, usually beginning with her catchphrase, “Picture it, Sicily…” Like Rose’s tall tales, Sophia’s parables often end with a moral, from which advice can be gleaned.

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