Why is French counting so weird?

Why is French counting so weird?

In French too, we see this, up until the seventies when, as we’ve said, things go weird. Then in comes the “vigesimal system” which used the base 20, hence quatre-vingt-quatre (84). This is supposedly as they used their feet as well as their hands to count. Fingers and toes included, you get twenty.

Why is the number 9 so powerful?

Number 9 is a symbol of completeness of God and also a symbol of finality. It means that God completed his creation and all his promises. There are also 9 spiritual gifts of God, such as faith, wisdom, miracles, prophecy and some others.

Why do numbers stop at 9?

9 is the number of Enlightenment, Transformation, Endings, and Completion. It is the G-d number because the sum of any number x + 9 , when reduced to a single digit = number x when reduced to a single digit (4+9 = 13 …1+3=4) . Any product of 9, when reduced to a single digit, equals 9 (9*3 = 27… 2+7=9).

How do you count to 50 in French?

Vingt-deux (vehn duhr) is 22. Vingt-trois (vehn twah) is 23. Vingt-quatre (vehn katr) is 24….Memorize the numbers 1 to 9.

  1. Un (uh) is 1.
  2. Deux (duhr) is 2.
  3. Trois (twah) is 3.
  4. Quatre (katr) is 4.
  5. Cinq (sank) is 5.
  6. Six (sees) is 6.
  7. Sept (seht) is 7.
  8. Huit (weet) is 8.

How many kanji do you need to know?

2,000 kanji

What is the secret of Number 9?

Through effort, comes experience. Numerologists understand that the number 9 holds an exceptionally wise, spiritual energy. It contains every other number that has come before it (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45, and 4 + 5 = 9). So symbolically, the number nine is the container for all worldly experiences.

How do you say 90 in French?

90 is quatre-vingt-dix (four-twenty-ten), 91 is quatre-vingt-onze (four-twenty-eleven), etc.

Why doesn’t the French have a 70?

Actually, the French system was designed regularly, i.e. with “septante” for 70, “octante” for 80 and “nonante” for 90. But this system was not accepted at the time (roughly the 16th century), because people were used to the old system (“quatre-vingt”, etc.).

How do you count to 10 in Japanese?

Lesson 3: Numbers (1-10)

  1. 一 ichi. one.
  2. 二 ni. two.
  3. 三 san. three.
  4. 四 shi (yon) four.
  5. 五 go. five.
  6. 六 roku. six.
  7. 七 shichi. seven.
  8. 八 hachi. eight.

How do the French count?

Instead, for the numbers 70 to 79, combine the tens with the tens. Although these rules hold true for most French-speaking places, there are a few that do have unique words for the numbers 70 (septante) and 90 (nonante), such as Belgium and Switzerland….How to Count in French.

un 1
dix-sept 17
dix-huit 18
dix-neuf 19
vingt 20

How do you write numbers in kanji?

This is the standard way of reading the numbers 0 to 10. Kanji 零 is rarely used. It is usually written in Arabic number or Katakana….0 – 10.

日本語[Japanese] 読み[Reading] 数字[number]
0 (ゼロ/零) zero 0
1 (一) ichi 1
2 (二) ni 2
3 (三) san 3

What is the most popular number?


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