Why does the boy go with Mrs Jones to her apartment?

Why does the boy go with Mrs Jones to her apartment?

Why does Roger go with Mrs. Jones to her apartment in the first place? She sees him on the street and invites him to her house for dinner. She promises to give him money for a pair of shoes if he has dinner with her.

Why does Roger say he tried to steal Luella Jones pocketbook?

In Langston Hughes short story “Thank You M’am,” Roger tells Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones his motive for attempting to steal her purse is to get money to purchase blue suede shoes. After thwarting his attempt, Mrs. Jones realizes his motive is far more than wanting new shoes, even if Roger is not aware of it.

Why didn’t Roger run when Mrs Jones left the door open?

Why didn’t Roger run when Mrs. Jones left the door open? He was too afraid of what she would do to him. He felt he might have a chance to steal some possessions from her.

Why did Roger not steal her pocketbook when he was in her apartment and she had gone behind the screen to cook?

Roger purposely sits farther away from the purse and does not entertain the idea of stealing it. Roger refrains from stealing the purse because he desires to prove to Mrs. Jones that he is a trustworthy, moral adolescent.

What do you think Roger wanted to say to Mrs Jones and why?

Roger probably wants to express his gratitude to Mrs. Jones for her kindness and empathy. Since he has been jerked around, put into a wrestling hold, dragged up the street, and told that when she is finished with him, Roger will “remember Mrs.

What did Roger fear most?

Answer. Explanation: When Roger tries to steal Mrs Jones’ pocketbook,she quickly catches him. Roger is stated to be frightened of Mrs Jones in the belief that he will be punished for his attempted robbery.

What is Mrs Jones trying to tell Roger when she says everybody’s got something in common?

Jones mean when she said… “I have done things too, which I will not tell you son… everybody’s got something in common.” ? She also stole things when she was younger. She wants to keep her life a secret from Roger.

Do you think Mrs Jones is wise or foolish to trust Roger Why?

Is Mrs. Jones wise or foolish to trust Roger? Both: she was foolish because Roger just tried to rob her, and she was wise because she was able to look past his actions (theft) and see that he was a troubled teenager who was only struggling to survive. What does the boy try to steal?

How does Mrs Jones feel about Roger?

Mrs. Jones treats Roger the way she does in “Thank You, M’am” because she understands what it’s like to go without something you really want. As a consequence, she develops great empathy towards Roger, which means that she doesn’t turn him in to the police, though he tried to snatch her purse.

How does Roger meet Mrs Jones?

Answer:Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones met on a roadside..about eleven o’clock.

What did Roger want to say to Mrs Jones?

Rather than choking on unspoken words, and merely saying, “Thank you ma’am,” Roger may have wished to say, “I appreciate not only the meal, but the fact that you did not condemn me for my act, you did not preach to me, you told me you, too, have done bad things, and you showed real feelings for me, not pity.”

Why does Roger want to thank Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones at the end of the story Roger appreciates the faith that Mrs Jones has in him and regrets trying to steal from her broger recognizes that Mrs Jones did not report him to the police and wants?

Explanation: Jones at the end of Langston Hughes’s short story. In parting, Roger likely wants to tell Mrs. Luella Bates that he appreciates her grace and authenticity in “Thank You, M’am.” He likely also regrets singling out this strong and kind woman as his victim.

Did Roger say thank you to Mrs Jones?

It appears that, for some acts of kindness, there are no words to express how we feel and the gratitude that overwhelms us. The kindness of Mrs. Jones literally leaves Roger speechless, and he is not even able to stammer out the “Thank you” that he knows is insufficient.

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